About Terry Lansdell…

Terry Lansdell is the executive director of BikeWalk North Carolina, a statewide active transportation advocacy organization. He has a lifetime of personal and professional engagement with the bicycle and active transportation sectors. Lansdell is an advocate, a community leader, and a public servant, serving for 20 years on citizen advisory groups for Charlotte and surrounding areas. His work to advance sustainability, promote active transportation and create healthy environments is well known and was recognized by Sustain Charlotte in 2015 when he received their Outstanding Leader Award. Terry is also an accomplished distance cyclist who has competed in four solo Race Across America’s (RAAM) and holds the fixed gear record for the Race Across the West and the UMCA record for the fastest time riding across the state of North Carolina.


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Title: Redefining how we move: Advancing toys into transportation

Description: With the technology advances in motors and batteries, we are seeing a revolution in personal mobility. What was once a toy made of wood, steel and wheels powered by our own strength have become something quite different. This technological advancement is redefining a whole category of new personal mobility choices. It’s not just for kids either, scooters, skateboards, bikes, and tricycles are becoming competitive choices that allow young and old to leave the automobile behind.

What do you want people to learn from your talk? Sustainable transportation is critical to our infrastructure design and our daily choices. As technology advances in the auto sector, we need to protect and promote sustainable personal mobility options at every level and understand its positive impact on our health, the economy and the environment.

What action items do you want people to take away from your talk? Bring the fun back into transportation and chose sustainable transportation options.


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Where is your hometown? Charlotte, NC

What are your hobbies? Cycling, walking, learning mandarin and helping others learn new ways of getting around

What are you passionate about? Safety for all road users, protecting the environment through transportation choices and public service.

What draws you to Charlotte? It is a big city with a small town feel.

What is the best compliment you’ve received? Thanks for helping me. After I had given my spare bicycle away to another who needed it.

What do you want to be remembered for? Making cycling a part of all our lives.

How do you push the boundaries? I don’t ask why I ask how? I don’t answer why I answer how.

What does your happy place look like? A long winding path.

Where do you see Charlotte in 5 years? Charlotte will be a leader in personal mobility and transportation design to usher in a new generation of safe transportation solutions that will reduce air quality and congestion.


The most important questions…

What animal will be our future overlords? the squirrel