About Rachel Hatteberg Walt…

 Rachel is the Founder of Craftingood, a Community Organizer and Speech-Language Pathologist. Eating Enthusiast, Kindness Rippler, Coffee Drinker, Perpetual Learner, Wife, & Mother of 3 Kids 4 years old and under (which explains a lot). If you need her, you can find her watering her dead tomato plants, planning neighborhood parties or at the Sangam Indian buffet.


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Title: Flipping The Script On Preschoolers

Description: Parents say they value raising caring kids over academically achieving ones. Research shows that kids exhibiting “soft skills” like compassion, empathy, inclusion show positive outcomes in adulthood. So, why are we spending all our money and time chasing academic and athletic achievement? Imagine the world in 50 years if we put just as much attention in developing kindness, compassion, and empathy as we do other skills.

What do you want people to learn from your talk? I want them to feel empowered to put their intentions on cultivating compassion, empathy, and inclusion in their young children because kids are here for it and our world is desperate for it!

What action items do you want people to take away from your talk? I want them to use simple strategies to focus on building compassion and empathy in young kids instead of using all their energy towards reaching milestones, attaining a certain grade average.


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Where is your hometown? That’s debatable but mostly Hopkinsville, KY

What are your hobbies? walking in the park, checking out new restaurants and recipes, spending time on adventures with the family, going to the mountains, drinking craft beer, traveling, dancing in our living room, bellowing Frozen and Moana soundtracks

What are you passionate about? Focusing people’s attention towards inclusion, diversity, equity, justice, compassion, and empathy.

What draws you to Charlotte? Well, I have moved here 3 times so there must be a strong attraction! I think it’s the people, friends, opportunity, proximity to the mountains and the beach, family near, the creativity.

What is the best compliment you’ve received? That I was authentic and a good mom.

What do you want to be remembered for? Being brave enough to challenge the status quo and inspiring my kids and those around me to live a life that’s big.

How do you push the boundaries? I challenge my friends, family, and institutions to think in new ways.

What does your happy place look like? Sitting on a porch with my family in the crisp mountain air, fire crackling, craft beer or French wine in hand, music on in the background, kids playing together without fighting 🙂

What is one thing that you would like to share that is unknown about you? I like to be by myself. I am very social and love people, markets, festivals, and activities. But I really value alone time and need it desperately to recharge.

Where do you see Charlotte in 5 years? Taking more steps towards greater equity and mobility- both figuratively and literally. Bigger art and food scenes. More inclusion and representation of all backgrounds and abilities.


The most important questions…

What animal will be our future overlords? Cats- one hundred percent