About Lindsay…

Lindsay Stewart is where geek, nerd, and dork meet on the Venn Diagram. Performer, entertainer, cosplayer, costumer, Mutant, and AsperGirl who’s regularly found on the con circuit, hanging out in her local comic book store, performing on stage, or entertaining at the Renaissance Festival. She’s spent her career working with children, from storytime to the science museum, camps to parties, and conventions to charity work. Lindsay is a frequent guest Teaching Artist for the Blumenthal, a panelist at several local comic book conventions, and is the Activities Coordinator at Southeast Psych.

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Title: Imperfect and Very Very Loud
Description: Your perceived weaknesses? They’re actually superpowers! Embrace the personality traits, hobbies, and quirks that that make you unique, and use them to uplift others.
What would the news headline about your talk? Imperfect and Very Very Loud – Identifying and Embracing Your Superpowers
What do you want people to learn from your talk? Ways to re-frame perceived negatives and see them as strengths.
What action items do you want people to take away from your talk? To re-frame their perceived negatives and look at them from positions of strength and superpower. To challenge themselves to view others’ perceived negatives as powerful and desirable attributes.

Learn more about Lindsay…

Where is your hometown? Atlanta, Georgia
What are your hobbies? Ukulele, cello, music, voice, costuming, cosplay
What are you passionate about? Music, entertaining, working with children
What is the best compliment you’ve received? That I am Enough.
What do you want to be remembered for? My passion, my compassion, and my empathy
How do you push the boundaries? “I push my own boundaries by performing, entertaining, and putting myself in social environments in spite of my anxiety and Asperger’s. I push others’ boundaries by encouraging them out of their comfort zone, walking alongside and supporting them as they do so. I push society’s boundaries by being an advocate for change, acceptance, equality, and visibility for all.
What does your happy place look like? Singing and playing music in the woods on an autumn day
What is one thing that you would like to share that isn’t commonly known about you? That I play seven instruments

Thoughts on Charlotte…

What part of town do you live in? Steele Creek
What draws you to Charlotte? The size, the atmosphere, and the green spaces
Where do you see Charlotte in 5 years? I see a bigger footprint as the city continues to grow, and I’m hoping that growth will come with even more performance venues, public works of art, and beauty

Our most important question…

What animal will most likely be our future overlords? Cuttlefish. They’re amazing – capable of incredible displays of camouflage, unparalleled vision, and phenomenal intelligence. Once they learn to breathe out of the water, we’re all screwed.