About Kristen Schottenheimer…

My name is Kristen Schottenheimer. I am, and will always be, a coach’s kid. Growing up my days were spent analyzing game film, memorizing pass routes, and learning how my dad motivated players. My brother and I would play “NFL training camp” and we thought everyone moved to a new city at the end of a football season. We had stops in New York, Detroit, Cleveland and Kansas City to name a few. As a family we learned to be resilient and adaptable, and love with all we have. I also learned firsthand about the incredible amount of sacrifice needed for success, yet the immeasurable sense of accomplishment from helping others succeed.

I actually grew up thinking I would be the first woman coach in the National Football League. But then life got busy…as in moving 18 times. At college new aspirations came… a career in advertising… fast paced, demanding and competitive. I worked with clients in aviation, pharmaceuticals and financial services. It was rewarding in its own way, and I thought my path was set.

Yet through life’s twists and turns, I came back to my passion of coaching. Now I have one of the most rewarding jobs imaginable. As a CrossFit coach and personal trainer, I have the privilege of helping people achieve their goals. Every day I get to help people conquer fears, sweat a bunch, laugh a little, and walk out of the gym feeling on top of the world.

I wouldn’t trade it for anything, except for a cure for Alzheimer’s. My dad was diagnosed 5 years ago. It changed our family forever. And now my drive is to teach people how to use the power of my dad’s football mentality, called Martyball, to make their Alzheimer’s journey better one day at a time.


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Title: Martyball — Tackling Alzheimer’s One Play at a Time
Description: Alzheimer’s is a harrowing disease where the patients are literally losing their minds, and their caregivers often feel like they are losing theirs as well. Yet with a football mentality called Martyball we can teach people to use the power of their minds to tackle every day of their Alzheimer’s journey… making it better one day at a time, one hour, or even just one moment at a time.
What do you want people to learn from your talk? 1) Walk away with an understanding of the raw emotion and harsh realities of Alzheimer’s and have compassion for those dealing with it. 2) Be inspired by the hope that the power of our own mentality can make days better for those dealing with Alzheimer’s. 3) Understand the Martyball mindset…. Take what you have, take where you are, take what you are good at, and just make it work… just find a way. 4) And most important, walk out determined to focus on the now… that one day, that one hour, that one moment whether it is while dealing with Alzheimer’s or any challenges in their lives.
What action items do you want people to take away from your talk? 1) Reach out to someone they know dealing with Alzheimer’s and share the idea of Martyball with them. 2) Use the Martyball mindset in every aspect of their life, and share it with others to help them.


Learn more about Kristen…

Where is your hometown? I was born in Chicago and grew up in 12 cities, but Charlotte is my hometown
What are your hobbies? Boating on Lake Norman and CrossFit
What are you passionate about? I am passionate about my family, having fun while doing the right thing, being adaptable yet resilient, embracing fear and flipping it on its ass, leaving things better than I found them, and loving with all my might.
What is the best compliment you’ve received? Quite honestly it has not been words. It has been the expressive eyes of my clients and their thankful tears for believing in their goals so they could achieve them.
What do you want to be remembered for? 1) This cool blonde chic who smiled a lot and made others smile – all while making a difference – by being loving and honest, resilient and adaptable, fun and happy yet dedicated.
2) A loving daughter, wife, mother and friend who truly impacted people’s lives – making their lives or their day better – whether through fitness, or Alzheimer’s education, or even just buying coffee for the person in line behind her.

How do you push the boundaries? I usually just run through them – run through the wall – head first – with no subtly.
What does your happy place look like? A quiet morning sipping coffee on a deck overlooking Lake Norman with everyone I love in the house getting ready for a fun day playing on the water.
What is one thing that you’d like to share that is not commonly known about you? I can actually be a big baby – most people don’t know that I am very sentimental and mushy.


Thoughts on Charlotte

What part of town do you live in? North Charlotte
What draws you to Charlotte? The people. I remember when I first moved here how friendly and welcoming everyone was. I have loved watching Charlotte evolve into a town with a touch of southern and a twist of the midwest.
Where do you see Charlotte in 5 years? Continuing to evolve into a vibrant city with pockets of small town southern feel.


Our most important question…

What animal will most likely be our future overlords? Hmmm, I don’t know, but if I had to pick, it would be dogs since they love us unconditionally and make our lives so happy. But I will refuse to eat dog food given previous bad experiences in the “”Cleveland Browns Dog Pound”” with dog biscuits.