Hi.  You’ve been thinking about applying to volunteer, have applied or even got a selection email.  Here are some general questions that will help you with the logistics of volunteering with TEDxCharlotte.


Who is the Volunteer Coordinator?

Hi. That’s me, Stephanie Hale.  Prior to the event, you can email me at volunteer@tedxcharlotte.com.  The morning of TEDx you can find me near the registration desk, which is right at the front.  That is also where you will check in that morning.

When is the next TEDxCharlotte?

It is typically on a Friday. If you aren’t able to attend on a Friday due to work, school or family obligations, please don’t apply and take a spot from someone that is available.

What does the Volunteer Timeline look like?

  • Applications are now open.  They will close at midnight on approximately 4 weeks before the event.
  • Selected volunteers will be notified by midnight approximately .
  • All volunteers need to be confirmed by midnight on approximate two weeks before the event, or you will be dropped from the list.

How do we communicate with each other and with you?

I’ll communicate via email. We’ll also have a quick orientation a few days before the event.  Keep in mind: the night before and morning of the event, I’m really busy so…I might not answer quickly, use your best judgement, ask your fellow volunteers and run with it.

What should I wear?

Please wear comfortable clothes that aren’t pajamas.  Jeans are fine. If you like to be more dressed up, knock yourself out. We will be giving you a t-shirt to wear. Oh, and comfortable shoes is a good idea.

How will I know what job I’m my volunteer job for?

During the event, the tasks are registration, stage hand, speaker runner, t-shirt sales, ushers and miscellaneous other tasks.  The less fun tasks (i.e setup, lunch/break cleanup and tear down) we all pitch in and get those done.  I prefer not to assign you tasks ahead of time and instead get a sense of your work during orientation and/or the set up and then grab you for specific tasks at that time.  Otherwise, I make arbitrary decisions based on how your name sounds, which is lame.

As long as the guests are taken care of and things aren’t left undone, I’m good with letting you watch some of the speakers.  Just keep in mind the point of giving you t-shirts, lunch and a free ticket is because you are working to make TEDxCharlotte run smoothly.

Let’s get to the party part…The After Party?

We will most like not have set up for an after party. You are welcome to be there and just enjoy.

Well, if that still didn’t answer your question or you have a different one, please email me and I will be happy to answer it and maybe add it to the FAQ page.