In South Carolina’s Brookgreen Gardens stands a sculpture called Time in the Fates of Man.  The sculpture, done by Paul Manship in 1939, depicts the Fates weaving man’s life – one weaves the threads of life, one measures the length of life, and one has scissors to depict death, the end of life. For Tamela Rich, this sculpture is a reminder to live a life of unlimit.  You only have a certain measure of time to live – what are you going to do with it? Tamela’s story of how she came to this realization is full of twists and turns.  She had long lovedRead More →

Wayne McGregor didn’t have nine ladies dancing when he did his TED talk.  What he did have was the opportunity to show how a choreographer builds phrases in a live and unscripted setting. As McGregor says, a dance is the way a choreographer communicates his or her ideas to the audience.  To show this, he and two dancers take the TED logo and put it into movement and dance.   To quote, watch this talk to “explore the uncharted territory where mind and movement intersect.” This post was written by feature author Stephanie Nelson.Read More →

When Jamie Oliver presented his TED prize wish, he didn’t just focus on milk.  He focused on all food – and our ignorance of it.  He wants to teach every child about food, about its primal place in our homes and about how obesity and related diseases are 100% preventable. In his amazing talk, Oliver presents astounding statistics such as: -Four Americans die from the food they eat every 18 minutes. -2/3 of Americans are statistically overweight or obese -Parents today are giving their kids 10 year shorter life spans, all because of the foods they eat. Watch the talk to find out the simpleRead More →

Diana Nyad may not be a swan, but she definitely is a-swimming!  In the 1970s, she set swimming records that are still unbroken.  Then a few years ago, after turning 60, she set out on the longest swim of her life, from Cuba to Florida. In her TEDMED talk from October 2011, Nyad spoke of mentally and physically preparing herself for this swim.  Over and above the physical ability to swim for up to 60 hours straight, there was preparing for hypothermia,dehydration, sharks, jellyfish, pain suffering and the shear loneliness of the journey.  She tells of how, at two hours in, she was attacked byRead More →

A Colly Bird is a black bird, and, for the purpose of this post, a crow.  Crows are smart birds, very very smart birds. In his fascinating 2008 TED Talk, Joshua Klein explores the reason why we should not get rid of the crows but embrace the smart creatures.  He makes a great point, we focus so much researching animals that go instinct and not on those that are thriving, especially species that have adapted to human ecologies.  No matter how many times we try to get rid of roaches, mice, and crows they keep surviving.  But crows are not just surviving with human beings,Read More →

Watch: Jennifer 8. Lee hunts for General Tso December is a chock full of holidays: Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa plus New Years Eve, Boxing Day, Winter Solstice… The whole month is a celebration! So what does Lee’s TED Talk have to do with the holidays in December? And more specifically, a Pear Tree. Our thought process went a little bit like this: Pear Tree lead to gardening, gardening lead to food, food lead to food we eat during the holidays, which then lead to eating Chinese food on Christmas.  With Christianity being the most widely practiced religion stateside, the US all but shuts down on Christmas Day,Read More →

TEDxWomen 2012 was held November 30 and December 1 at the Paley Center in Washington DC.  During the recent TEDxWomen Charlotte Viewing, coordinators showed the videos of the talks from the Rising segment.  One of these was the talk by iO Tillet Wright and her work on the Self Evident Truths project. As Tillet expressed, when Proposition 8 was up for a vote in California, it occurred to her that the United States, even with its marred civil rights past, was about to make the mistake again – discriminating against a group because they seem to fall in to a neat little box.  This timeRead More →