About Zeev Neuwirth…

Zeev Neuwirth MD serves as the Chief Clinical Executive for Care Transformation & Strategic Services at Atrium Health – one of the largest, leading non-profit hospital systems in the country. Prior to this appointment, Dr. Neuwirth served as the Senior Medical Director for Population Health and the Chief Clinical Executive of the Atrium Health Medical Group. Prior to joining Atrium Health, Zeev served as Chief of Clinical Effectiveness & Innovation at Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates, a 600 physician multi-specialty practice located in Eastern Massachusetts.
Dr. Neuwirth has over a dozen years of experience in care redesign, quality improvement, & innovation. His efforts to improve and transform healthcare delivery have been featured in Newsweek, Forbes, Fast Company, The Yale School of Management Journal, and in two Harvard case studies.
In August 2017, Dr. Neuwirth launched a bi-weekly healthcare podcast entitled, ‘Creating a New Healthcare’. The podcast has been named as one of the most popular healthcare podcasts of 2018 and was awarded “Healthcare Podcast of the Year” by HITMC in April 2019.
Most recently, Dr. Neuwirth has published a book, ‘Reframing Healthcare – A Roadmap for Creating Disruptive Change’, which was released this past April. In this book, Dr. Neuwirth outlines a comprehensive, replicable, step-by-step approach to transforming and humanizing healthcare.
Dr. Neuwirth is an alum of Tufts University and the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. He received a Masters in Healthcare Management from the Harvard School of Public Health, where he now continues to lecture on healthcare innovation.


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Title: A Handbook for Humanistic Leadership

Description: In this presentation, Dr. Neuwirth outlines leadership principles & behaviors distilled from over 100 in-depth interviews he’s conducted, over the past 3 years, with highly accomplished CEO’s, entrepreneurs and innovators. The counter-intuitive discoveries he reveals have implications for our own personal growth & development, for the leaders, we select and support, and for shaping the future of our organizations and social institutions. The purpose of this talk is to provide participants with an actionable reference guide to creating humanistic leadership.

What do you want people to learn from your talk? (1) Accomplished entrepreneurial leaders share a set of counter-cultural principles and behaviors that set them apart from everyone else. (2) Being counter-cultural and divergent may be the most generative and vitally important gift we can offer our society. (3) You can’t disrupt and change anything outside of yourself unless you’re also willing and committed to disrupting and changing yourself at the same time.

What action items do you want people to take away from your talk? (1) Apply these principles & behaviors in your own personal daily activities – at home, at school, at work, and in your communities,; (2) Measure leaders and leadership by these attributes; and (3) Disrupt and transform your organizations and your institutions by implementing these principles and behaviors.


Learn more about Zeev…

Where is your hometown? Charlotte NC

What are your hobbies? Reading, writing, listening to music, movies, theatre, weight lifting, boxing…

What are you passionate about? (1) Humanizing our healthcare system, and our society; (2) Creating a space for others to share their authentic voice and contribute their talents; and (3) Discovering and appreciating the greatness in others.

What draws you to Charlotte? We came for a great place to advance our careers, but what keeps us here are our dear friends and a wonderfully warm and giving community

What is the best compliment you’ve received? You’ve helped me think differently and feel so much better about myself and this situation.

What do you want to be remembered for? Inspiring others to be authentic and vocal, and to make a positive difference.

How do you push the boundaries? Creating a public forum (through podcast interviews, speaking & writing) to create more empathy and humanism in our healthcare system and our society.

What does your happy place look like? Being together with family and/or friends

What is one thing that you would like to share that is unknown about you? One dream I have is to sail the seas and oceans around the globe with family and friends.

Where do you see Charlotte in 5 years? The city of choice for young families looking for diverse communities and young adults looking to grow their careers. An emerging hub for international business and technology development.


The most important questions…

What animal will be our future overlords? hybrid, AI-enabled, digital-robotic humans