Speaker – Jenn Baxter

About Jenn Baxter…

 Jenn Baxter is an accomplished author, speaker, and blogger based in Charlotte, North Carolina. In 2015, Jenn launched her website, Live a F.A.S.T. Life, based on her own experiences with clean living and downsizing into a 160-square-foot tiny house. Since then, she has appeared at numerous festivals and on WCNC’s morning show, Charlotte Today, teaching others how to minimize and streamline their lives. Her book, Live a F.a.s.t. Life: How Stripping Down and Cleaning Up Gave Me My Life Back, was published in 2018 and is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


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Title: The Emotional & Spiritual Benefits of Downsizing

Description: Often, people only think about downsizing and de-cluttering in terms of physical stuff. But, it’s actually about so much more. Once you dive into all that clutter, you’ll discover the emotional “clutter” that’s been hiding underneath all along.

What do you want people to learn from your talk? That we often don’t end up with a bunch of clutter from just having too much “stuff,” but because we have attached emotions to the items themselves. And until we deal with those emotions, we’ll find ourselves unable to part with the clutter. It’s an important part of the downsizing process because not only will it help you to get rid of stuff, but you’ll become emotionally and spiritually healthier in the process!

What action items do you want people to take away from your talk? How to be able to identify what emotions they’ve attached to their items or the hidden reasons behind why they’re holding onto stuff, to know what they can do to address those issues and what decisions they can make that will help them to get rid of the clutter once and for all and not accumulate it again.


Learn more about Jenn…

Where is your hometown? Charlotte, NC (originally Frederick, MD)

What are your hobbies? Writing, speaking, pet-sitting, reading, listening to music, traveling

What are you passionate about? Animals (especially dogs), volunteering, ministering to the homeless, traveling

What draws you to Charlotte? The variety of things to do – lake, uptown, dining, theatre, outdoor rec, hiking, wine, breweries, sports, etc.

What is the best compliment you’ve received? A person on the other side of the world that I don’t even know told me that he felt God’s love for him through my blog posts and social media posts – that was pretty cool! 🙂

What do you want to be remembered for? Being kind and helping others.

How do you push the boundaries? By stepping out and doing things I never thought I’d be capable of doing and encouraging others to do the same!

What does your happy place look like? Either the beach or the mountains (I’ll take either one!) – snuggled up with my dogs under a cozy blanket, reading a book and drinking something yummy like a hot chocolate or a Starbucks coffee drink.

What is one thing that you would like to share that is unknown about you? I have a weird “Rainman” likeability where I can grab a particular number of things on the first try without even counting. But, I have to do it spontaneously, I can’t do it if I’m thinking about it. 🙂

Where do you see Charlotte in 5 years? Being even more amazing than it already is! Hopefully, not overgrown with TOO much development, but still a thriving city with a small-town feel.


The most important questions…

What animal will be our future overlords? Dogs