Welcome to TEDxCharlotte 2016.

This year, our theme is Explore.  Welcome! If you can’t be here with us, please tune into our Livestream. It will start at 10am and run through the whole program.


Friday’s Schedule

8:00am – Registration opens. Join us for some coffee, find a seat and start a conversation with a fellow TEDx attendee!

9:00am – Theater opens. Finish your coffee and go find a seat!

10:00am – And it begins!

 We Begin at 10:00am with an Introduction by our amazing emcee Mike Watson
  • TEDx Intro Video  – Chris Anderson
  • Special Opening Performance by Hannibal
  • TEDxCharlotte Speaker – Jonell Logan: Framework of Otherness
  • TEDxCharlotte Speaker – David Jessup, Jr: We can crack the Code in Charlotte: Computer Science education equals opportunity
  • TED Video – Pico Iyer: Where is home?
  • TEDxCharlotte Speaker – Charles Hunt:
  • TEDxCharlotte Performance – Colette Bloom
  • TEDxCharlotte Speaker – Anne A. Madden, Ph.D.: Discovering new beer and food flavors hiding in your backyard insects.


LUNCH – We’ll have about 75 minutes-ish.  So grab some awesome food, catered by Fran’s Filling Station and make some new friends.

Welcome return by Mike Watson and Blair Primis

BREAK (Approximately 25 minutes) 

Welcome return by Mike Watson

 Wrap-up with Mike and Winn

Time to get the serious socializing on! We are moving next down the street to Visulite Theater (1615 Elizabeth Ave) for the After Party.