Welcome to TEDxCharlotte 2017.

LIVESTREAM INFO: If you can’t be here with us, please tune into our Livestream. It will start at 10am and run through the whole program.

Friday’s Schedule

8:30am– Registration opens. Coffee will be available before the event. Get here early, check-in and get some coffee.

9:30am – Theater doors open. All seating is General Admission, so this is your opportunity to grab that front row seat.

10:00am: It begins! We’ll be kicking off right at 10am.

Naeem Fazal – Welcome to TEDxCharlotte

Lindsay Stewart – Imperfect and Very, Very Loud

Suzan’ Stroud – The Gift of…

Scott Hofert – The Boredom and Creativity Kinship

Kim Honeycutt – Shame is the Graffiti that Covers Our Purpose

Jemayne King – The Revolution will be Subtweeted: The Evolving Face of Pedagogy

Ashley Davis – The Power of Written Communication in a Technological Age

12:00pm: LUNCH

1:15pm: More Speakers!

Lucretia Berry – Don’t Keep Them in the Dark

Sam Fleming – Aquaponics and a New Way of Thinking

Gail Wilson Giarratano – The Tao of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Laura King Edwards – Running Towards Rare

Alyse Kelly-Jones – Shed Sexual Shame (and Your Clothes Along the Way)

Erica Jordan-Thomas – How to Pay Our Teachers More

3:15pm: Wrap up and Panel with speakers, emcee and Winn Maddrey

4:30pm: After Party @ Earl’s Grocery