Joel Tracy opens with a “Lawdah mercy!” and a quote that touched him while researching the topic of Friction. “In a decaying society, art, if it is truthful, must also reflect decay, and unless it wants to break faith with its social function, art must show the world as changeable — and help to change it. Ernst Fischer. Everyone that’s been to Charlotte knows, we are under construction. “We are a growing city,” Joel says, “Charlotte was settled in 1775, but 75% of our population growth has been within the last 50 years. With this growth comes a redefinition of identity.” The question on everyone’s mind:Read More →

  John Austin opens his talk with a story of Humpty Dumpty, comparing it with the people living in poverty in our community. Charlotte is the seventh most difficult city, behind Baltimore, for people to rise out of poverty. There are families in our community that are one unexpected bill away from poverty. But we can make a difference. In Charlotte, over 50% of churches hold food drives, 22% of churches do clothing drives, but less than 2% of churches commit to helping people get a job in their community. We have an issue of employment. It’s not that people in our community do notRead More →

Jenifer Daniels, CEO of Colorstock (a stock photo company providing authentic photos of people of color), kicked us off this morning! As a professor at UNC Charlotte, she encourages everyone to think like a student today. Look for the insight not just information. If we seek insight, especially here today at TEDxCharlotte, this is how we authentically grow communities and make change.     About the Speaker… Jenifer Daniels is a fierce advocate for equity in digital, media, and politics. She is the co-founder and CEO of colorstock, a stock photography destination featuring people of color, and the co-host of #WomensWednesday on SiriusXM’s Make ItRead More →

Another great group of folks will be speaking at #TEDxCLT this year. We can’t wait to hear their ideas worth spreading. We’ll be introducing you to these folks in the coming weeks, but for now….drumroll please…. The 2015 TEDxCharlotte Speaker List:   Welcome Talk: Jenifer Daniels   Speakers: John Austin & Reggie Nious Damon Barren Allison Billings Deborah Bosley Brandon Cullen Richard Israel Dee Lanier Oliver Lewis Twyla McDermott Andi Stevenson Joel Tracey Robbie Warren Sam Wazan   Entertainment: Possibility Project (Nikkeia and Allen) Chris HannibalRead More →

  How many people do you know have a driver’s license? Or, how many do you know who don’t? 80% of US drivers think they are an above average driver. 64% think they are an excellent driver. Actually, 90% of us suck at driving. There’s a gap between what we think and what we actually are. In 1986 we were in the top three of the best drivers in the world. Now we’re 42nd out of 46.   How did this happen? What changed in the last 30 years? It’s a complex question with an even more complex answer.   Our roads are not what they usedRead More →

Since she was three years old, Sharon Dowell knew that she wanted to be an artist. It seemed like an odd choice for the daughter of a safety chemical engineer. But she’s built an amazing career that she loves and deeply enjoys. But there’s a shadow side to Dowell’s success. “I’ve been dealing with anxiety my whole life,” confessed Dowell. “It’s my secret.” Quoting Winston Churchill, Dowell said the panic attacks are like a black dog that attacks suddenly out of the blue. According to studies, 15-20% of the U.S. population are HSPs (highly sensitive persons), and Dowell is herself an HSP. Sometimes things areRead More →

  We have three thousand miles of creeks in Mecklenburg County. Mary Newsom has a creek that flows by her house that flows into a lot of other creeks and then goes into the Catawba River and then Atlantic Ocean. We have a piece of the Atlantic Ocean in Charlotte. If anything happens to Mary’s creeks, she reports it. Whether it’s mud from a construction site or a funky smell. Mary is a journalist and journalists love the underdog. The creeks are our underdogs. We don’t have a large body of water that runs through our town, we don’t have a mountain. We have creeks. AndRead More →

Today. Today is yours, claim it. This life is yours, live it. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Jen shares her story of using her imagination and how she started Playing For Others. It all started when she started working at a camp. This camp wasn’t just your ordinary camp. For example, one girl had AIDS. Who would want to work with sick, dying kids? The way reality could be is possibility, Are you afraid of the unknown? Those trouble seeds that doubt has sewn? Another camp experience altered her life path. One week of camp was for burn survivors. It’s painful — in moreRead More →

Fresh off winning the McColl Award, CarlosAlexis Cruz stepped onto the stage in a white jumpsuit, looking like a gardener or a house painter. “I’m your typical Mexican gangster,” said Cruz. “I can play any of those typical Latino characters. ‘Salsa dancer to the left.’” (laughter) “I’ve worked for Telemundo!” (more laughter) “That is not just who I am.” “I am not your gardener. I’m also an actor. I’m a director. A stage producer. I founded my own company. I’m an artist.” He’s also a circus performer! Cruz created a contemporary circus show that got funding and toured the West Coast. He’s since produced otherRead More →

Rector at Chist Church Charlotte, Chip creates amazing conversations between faith and culture. What is a foxhole friend?  It goes something like this. A guy wakes up and says to himself, “this is an amazing day. I think I’m going to go for a walk to enjoy this day.” He saw how beautiful creation was and was happy, happy, happy. While he was walking, he fell into a whole and was hurt. He thought: How am I going to get out of this hole? After a while, he noticed that nobody seemed to notice he was in this dark place. He was hurt and alone. He heardRead More →