Food: (N) any nutritious substance that people eat or drink in order to maintain life and growth- a human necessity, a basic right, and yet, there are countless communities across the country without access to clean and healthy nourishment. In 2008, Robin Emmons set out to plant the seeds of change to make a difference, founding Sow Much Good. Experiencing through her brother the detrimental effects of malnutrition, and lack of access to wholesome food in the communities around her, Robin dedicated herself to putting an end to obstacles in our food system that largely affect the poorer and working populations. Since starting the project,Read More →

  Valaida Fullwood – Author, “Giving Back” and Charles Thomas – Photographer, “Giving Back” Valaida Fullwood is a true multi-hyphenate: writer, project strategist, and award-winning author who together with Photographer Charles Thomas, created “Giving Back,” a book of stories and images that reframe portraits of philanthropy, which won the McAdam Book Award in 2012. The two have known each other for five years and speak together around the country. In addition to being the Photographer of “Giving Back,” Charles Thomas is the Executive Director of Queen City Forward, which works to help socially conscious entrepreneurs meet what he calls their triple bottom line: people, planning, and profit. TheRead More →

Manny Ohonme, Samaritan’s Feet International Manny Ohonme was inspired to start Samaritan’s Feet International after his difficult childhood in Lagos, Nigeria. Growing up, he didn’t even have shoes. His life changed when a stranger from Wisconsin gave him his first pair of shoes. He went on to get a full basketball scholarship in the U.S. and eventually earned a Master’s degree in International Business. Although he became successful, he never forgot his home country and has been giving back since the founding of his nonprofit in 2003. Here, Ohonme reveals what he’ll discuss at TEDxCharlotte on Feb. 15! TEDxCharlotte: What do you plan to talk about atRead More →

What unlimits you? “When we choose to see life as a gift given by a good giver, all of it is unlimiting. There is endless potential. When we choose to see ourselves as the receivers of good gifts, it follows that we are here to give them back to the whole wide world. When we use our gifts to make the world a better place, life is unlimitless.” —Christina Britt Lewis Christina Britt Lewis was living a very comfortable life in a very comfortable home in New Hampshire when she and her husband, Timothy Dean Lewis, chose to start life over. They believe that eachRead More →

As the head brewer at NoDa Brewing Company in Charlotte, Chad Henderson has a passion for local beer. He’s hoping to inspire other people to follow their own dreams when he speaks at TEDxCharlotte on February 15. Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect from his discussion. TEDxCharlotte: What will you be talking about at TEDxCharlotte? Chad Henderson: I will be discussing how I have developed a career out of a passion in craft beer and how much of my personal success and the company’s success has been due to us not limiting ourselves and our product to expectations from the general industry.  ByRead More →

Given the economy, and concerns about the environment, we need to create more pedestrian-friendly places for people to meet, talk, trade and travel through. Creating walk-able, bike-able space will improve everyone’s lives, on a variety of levels. mappoint 2009 north america Tom Low’s goal is to design 20 such places in Charlotte in 20 months. He asks you to think about places that need, or deserve, to be “civilized” in Charlotte. The intersection of Queens and Queens and Providence and Providence, or Q2P2, was one suggestion … buy oem software cheap software download Post your suggestions in the comments and help us find new waysRead More →

Katie Wyatt has decided to take up music, not arms. And the name of the movement she’s joining in her attempt to change the world is “el Sistema,” or “the system. It is a visionary global movement that transforms the lives of children through music. In other words, it is a new model for social change. The essence of the program is “tocar y luchar”, or to play and to strive. El Sistema teaches children how to create beauty through music, and Wyatt has decided to bring it’s essence to the children of North Carolina via Kidz Notes. My big idea, she says, is toRead More →

How do you go about buying a car? If you’re like a lot of people, you probably start by looking at pictures, but they can’t possibly tell you the whole story. For instance, how can you tell what the odometer reads if you’re only looking at a glossy sales slick? Pictures can communicate a lot. For instance, a graph with bars both above and below the? x-axis can help explain when things are going good (when bars are above the zero line) and when things are going bad (when bars are below the zero line). But it’s important to look beyond photos and graphs toRead More →

Some assumptions: Our global food system is broken. Food deserts, where people don’t have access to fresh foods, are a problem. Rich is working to slow Charlotte’s food, establish creative gardens around the Queen City and offer more fresh foods to area seniors, through Friendship Trays (a meal delivery program for low-income or shut-in elderly citizens). He says he’s focused on coordinating with area municipalities, organizations and children. Prisoners can provide labor. Cities can provide land. Organizations can provide collaboration. And children should know carrots come from the ground, not plastic bags. He ended with a quote from Winston Churchill that points out that humanity’sRead More →

What’s your framework for your decision making process? What are your challenges? How can you introduce change into your framework to alter your challenges? Once you introduce change, you must evaluate the feedback the change generates and ask yourself, What are the implications of the changes? Now it’s time to make choices. Even though you may be comfortable with your old world, and your old ways, and even if you’ve already invested a lot, you have to ask yourself if you see the change clearly or if you are biased because you’re so tied to the way things have always been. Do you need aRead More →