newest mac software antivirus software A visual/musical odyssey. graphic design software reviews The nature of man is to conquer nature, taking what we need and disconnecting from our roots, and each other, in the process. “In the end if we ask what it means, who would answer?”Read More →

Patrick Dougherty is eager to show you all that sticks can do. As birds look for perches in architecture, he looks for ways to connect nature and architecture … and he uses sticks to do so. You may not realize it, but sticks are quite bendable. (And we can be, too.) “I build a canvas, then I turn around and draw on it,” Dougherty. He creates sculptures out of sticks and puts them on display in communities all around the world. (Check out his website to find the sculptures he’s installed in North and South Carolina.) In doing so, he often works with large groups,Read More →

What’s your framework for your decision making process? What are your challenges? How can you introduce change into your framework to alter your challenges? download oem software good antivirus software Once you introduce change, you must evaluate the feedback the change generates and ask yourself, What are the implications of the changes? computer software applications Now it’s time to make choices. Even though you may be comfortable with your old world, and your old ways, and even if you’ve already invested a lot, you have to ask yourself if you see the change clearly or if you are biased because you’re so tied to theRead More →

software buy If your friend was speeding and got busted, would you lie for them if they got caught? In South Korea, 63 percent would. In the U.S., 7 percent would. (Which means 93 percent would rat on their friends.) “We in the U.S., believe it or not, we have a very bad reputation internationally when it comes to close friendships,” said Baumgarte. After returning from France, he started studying the phenomenon. He realized one of our problems is that we work too much. Our friendships are too superficial, even though we’re very open and friendly. That doesn’t make us bad, but it does makeRead More →

It’s going to take our entire brain to address our community’s issues, so the left brain and right brain are coming together to move this community forward. Here are some ideas the whole brain came up with: mac os x snow leopard digital download antivirus software download Idea #1: Give every tree in Charlotte-Mecklenburg a name, a real name. When a named tree croaks, people will care. “Give earth a human name,” says Q, who portrayed the right brain. Idea #2: Art recess! It’s time to bring recess into the work place. The world’s economy is transforming into a creative economy. Creative time shouldn’t endRead More →

What does it mean to host TEDx in Charlotte? cheap software for students buy software “We will be defining a theater of purpose,” said Carlos Salum, who greeted the audience at the Knight Theater. Now the rules, from Mike Watson: This day is a culmination of many days of work, by many volunteers. Thank them. Capitalize on break time to, as Carlos said, move your ideas forward. Spark debate. Talk to the speakers. Sit back. Open your mind. Enjoy the ride. Take the ideas we discuss today past today, into the future. Conversation is encouraged, just not during the presentation. Stay until the end. BuyRead More →

We’ll be livestreaming, tweeting and liveblogging the entire thing! Make sure you bookmark, follow or join us at one (or all!) of the following online locations for updates: Liveblog: Notable quotes Presentation reviews Information on location Livestream: Live video Don’t miss a single word! Twitter: Hashtag: #TEDxCLT Notable quotes Live presentation discussion Facebook Fan Page: Frequent event updates Shout-outs & Action shots Links to other big ideas LinkedIn: Connect with other TEDxCharlotte attendees and advocates Discuss TEDxCLT ideas in the professional setting Your web hosteses du jour, who will also be active during the day on their personal accounts (follow themRead More →

CHARLOTTE – The first TEDx event in Charlotte will take place in September 2010 in the uptown area. Themed “Big Ideas,” the event will bring together innovative thinkers — business leaders, artists, scientists, designers, philanthropists and educators — who are actively applying their ideas and bringing about positive change in Charlotte and our region. Attendance is by invitation only and applications are available on There is no cost to attend. The event will consist of 6-8 speakers (live and video) with short breaks between, lunch and pre- and post-event hospitality. There will be entertainment and opportunities for speakers and attendees to connect throughout theRead More →