We caught up with Mike Watson, TEDxCharlotte’s emcee extraordinaire, this week and got the inside scoop on the man behind the mic.   Q: What do you love about TEDx? A: I love that TEDx provides a space where individuals can connect and inspire each other through face to face engagement, where barriers have been stripped allowing honest commentary in a way that is fundamental to personal growth.   Q: What excites you about what you do as Emcee extraordinaire? A: As emcee I have access to all the speakers and planners, which in essence provides me with an ongoing opportunity to see andRead More →

Farmer and chef Cassie Parsons has been a leader in Charlotte’s local food movement. In 2009, she ran the city’s first upscale food truck. The following year, she opened her brick and mortar restaurant Harvest Moon Grille. Every item on the menu is grown or raised on her property, Grateful Growers Farm, in Denver, North Carolina. Parsons gives us a preview of her presentation on Feb. 15! TEDxCharlotte: What will you be talking about at TEDxCharlotte? Cassie Parsons: The future of food as both a farmer and as a chef. I will share both perspectives. TEDxCharlotte: Why is locally grown food so important to Charlotte? CP: EconomicallyRead More →

In her own words, Tamara Park is “a lover of beauty. a chaser of borders. captivated by story. caught in grace.”  Tamara has traveled the world as an author and as a television producer, sometimes seeing the greatest good and the lowest lows the world has to offer and giving her a unique perspective on the definition of “unlimit.” When asked to define “unlimit,” Tamara responds with,”I see it as an invitation to adventure, contribution and generosity.”  She believes that with a great enough longing or a big enough hope, anyone can be energized to get around limitations.  As examples, Tamara recounts a few encountersRead More →

Those who know Paige Dula know she’s a force to be reckoned with.  She’s helping to strike a path for the LGBT community in Charlotte, setting her on her own path to “unlimit.” For those who don’t know, LGBT stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender.  Paige herself is a transgender woman. When asked what the word “unlimit” mean to her, Paige responded, “Authenticity. The ability to be me regardless of the repercussions.”  Paige was led to transition a little later in life.  A growing depression from not dealing with her transgender issues and her grandmother’s passing made her realize that she didn’t want toRead More →

These boots are made for walking…back up the TEDx stage in 2013! Molly Barker from Girls on the Run will be back again, red boots included, for this year’s TEDxCharlotte. She talked about seeing past your current reality and being free at last in this video from her 2011 talk: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hw8hnAq0wbQ  Do you play it safe and stick to black or brown shoes instead of going with the color that speaks to your personality? Molly steps outside the box in her red boots to find her freedom. Sometimes it’s easier to stay in the box than to risk being vulnerable on the outside of it, butRead More →

In the social media marketing world, DJ Waldow is one of “those” guys.  Well known and well liked, DJ is known for bear hugs and being full of life.  His personality made him a perfect person to ask, “What does ‘unlimit’ mean to you?” DJ’s response was that unlimit is something without borders, the ability to do what you want with no one telling you what you SHOULD be doing.  It’s taking risks and doing things that should be scary without getting paralyzed by the fear of what others might think. Admittedly, DJ says this is easier said than done.  But you have to rememberRead More →

In South Carolina’s Brookgreen Gardens stands a sculpture called Time in the Fates of Man.  The sculpture, done by Paul Manship in 1939, depicts the Fates weaving man’s life – one weaves the threads of life, one measures the length of life, and one has scissors to depict death, the end of life. For Tamela Rich, this sculpture is a reminder to live a life of unlimit.  You only have a certain measure of time to live – what are you going to do with it? Tamela’s story of how she came to this realization is full of twists and turns.  She had long lovedRead More →

TED – “Ideas Worth Spreading” – a concept so simple and so infectious it may well change how you view your engagement with and involvement in the world. As adults, many of people evolve to simply tune out most of what they hear.  Nothing is absorbed easily because attention spans have grown short, there’s not enough time, or apathy just takes over. Despite all of this, however, taking the time to listen just once can open up a wellspring of vision, a change in attitude, and a previously unheard call to duty. TEDxCharlotte 2013’s theme of Unlimited is in this case, represented by our abilityRead More →

Social Media Committee volunteer, Garland West, shaved an X into a patch on the side of her head for the TEDxCharlotte launch party with the help of other committee member Sara Beth Jones and egged on by Rose Le. Fearless expression! Unlimiting yourself and expressing yourself so often go hand in hand. Vulnerability somehow becomes strength and surprising things can happen. Let’s explore our intersections of expression and humanitarianism. It’s the place where ideas take shape. These two talks meet us at that intersection and explore what it’s like to express yourself while helping others. So, TEDxCharlotte wants to know, how do you express your unlimits? DoRead More →

We are excited to be bringing a new sponsor to the TEDxCharlotte team, OrthoCarolina! OrthoCarolina is one of the nation’s leading orthopedic practices. We are excited about what they bring to the table with their groundbreaking practices. Stay tuned for a video featuring Dr. Murrey. OrthoCarolina is a forward-thinking, innovative organization made up of some of the best surgeons and staff in the business. The culture syncs up very well with the culture and ‘vibe’ of TEDx.   As an organization with strive to be the best and do so by challenging our selves and ‘the norm’ if necessary something that many TED talks and participantsRead More →