TEDxCharlotte loves to show its sponsors some love.  That’s why we’re thrilled to be letting you know more about OrthoCarolina! Get the first look at the team bringing you excellence in Orthopedics in our latest video. The great folks at OrthoCarolina know you can’t live an unlimited life if you’re in pain.  As one of the nation’s leading orthopedic practices, OrthoCarolina offers the utmost in comprehensive orthopedic care. The physicians have a combine expertise of hundreds  of years in the areas of foot and ankle, hand, hip and knee, shoulder and elbow, spine, sports medicine and pediatrics.  Putting that expertise to use for you inRead More →

The fear of failure should not limit you,  it should unlimit you.  Not being afraid of failure is what unlimits me.  Failure is good and fear should be reconstructed for only good intentions.   Have you ever had events of “failure” that prevented you from ever doing something again?  Whether it’s a bad jump off of a high dive when you were a kid or an embarrassing attempt at speaking a different language? Did you let the fear take over you to never do it again or did you face it?  How did you overcome it? Watch: Tim Ferriss – Smash fear, learn anything InRead More →

  We caught up with Mike Watson, TEDxCharlotte’s emcee extraordinaire, this week and got the inside scoop on the man behind the mic.   Q: What do you love about TEDx? A: I love that TEDx provides a space where individuals can connect and inspire each other through face to face engagement, where barriers have been stripped allowing honest commentary in a way that is fundamental to personal growth.   Q: What excites you about what you do as Emcee extraordinaire? A: As emcee I have access to all the speakers and planners, which in essence provides me with an ongoing opportunity to see andRead More →

Karla Williams is a principal of The Williams Group and has 15 years of experience with assisting over 200 nonprofit entities. Here, she reveals what she’ll be discussing at TEDxCharlotte on February 15! TEDxCharlotte: What will you be talking about at TEDxCharlotte? Karla Williams: The role that civic engagement plays in a community’s culture and quality of life. The back story of the spirit of democracy in American and Charlotte. How Charlotte differs from other communities and what that means for philanthropy. TEDxCharlotte: How can people make a difference in non-profits if they can’t afford to give money? KW: Ironically, and in the recent decade, Americans focusedRead More →

What unlimits you? “When we choose to see life as a gift given by a good giver, all of it is unlimiting. There is endless potential. When we choose to see ourselves as the receivers of good gifts, it follows that we are here to give them back to the whole wide world. When we use our gifts to make the world a better place, life is unlimitless.” —Christina Britt Lewis Christina Britt Lewis was living a very comfortable life in a very comfortable home in New Hampshire when she and her husband, Timothy Dean Lewis, chose to start life over. They believe that eachRead More →

TEDxCharlotte 2013: Unlimited is just two weeks from today, and tickets are going fast! Here’s what you’ll get for just $50 if you register today (before tickets sell out): 10 inspiring talks by Charlotte’s best and brightest that will unlimit you! 2 raucous performances by local legend jocElyn Ellis 1 warm welcome address from TEDxCharlotte alumnus Manny Ohonme from Samaritan’s Feet numerous fascinating conversations with Charlotte’s movers and shakers, a.k.a. the TEDxCharlotte community lots of really good food and drink, including continental breakfast, catered lunch by Harvest Moon Grille, and an afternoon “brain break bar” dozens of great tracks from Charlotte-area bands spun by theRead More →

Farmer and chef Cassie Parsons has been a leader in Charlotte’s local food movement. In 2009, she ran the city’s first upscale food truck. The following year, she opened her brick and mortar restaurant Harvest Moon Grille. Every item on the menu is grown or raised on her property, Grateful Growers Farm, in Denver, North Carolina. Parsons gives us a preview of her presentation on Feb. 15! TEDxCharlotte: What will you be talking about at TEDxCharlotte? Cassie Parsons: The future of food as both a farmer and as a chef. I will share both perspectives. TEDxCharlotte: Why is locally grown food so important to Charlotte? CP: EconomicallyRead More →

In her own words, Tamara Park is “a lover of beauty. a chaser of borders. captivated by story. caught in grace.”  Tamara has traveled the world as an author and as a television producer, sometimes seeing the greatest good and the lowest lows the world has to offer and giving her a unique perspective on the definition of “unlimit.” When asked to define “unlimit,” Tamara responds with,”I see it as an invitation to adventure, contribution and generosity.”  She believes that with a great enough longing or a big enough hope, anyone can be energized to get around limitations.  As examples, Tamara recounts a few encountersRead More →

Those who know Paige Dula know she’s a force to be reckoned with.  She’s helping to strike a path for the LGBT community in Charlotte, setting her on her own path to “unlimit.” For those who don’t know, LGBT stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender.  Paige herself is a transgender woman. When asked what the word “unlimit” mean to her, Paige responded, “Authenticity. The ability to be me regardless of the repercussions.”  Paige was led to transition a little later in life.  A growing depression from not dealing with her transgender issues and her grandmother’s passing made her realize that she didn’t want toRead More →

These boots are made for walking…back up the TEDx stage in 2013! Molly Barker from Girls on the Run will be back again, red boots included, for this year’s TEDxCharlotte. She talked about seeing past your current reality and being free at last in this video from her 2011 talk: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hw8hnAq0wbQ  Do you play it safe and stick to black or brown shoes instead of going with the color that speaks to your personality? Molly steps outside the box in her red boots to find her freedom. Sometimes it’s easier to stay in the box than to risk being vulnerable on the outside of it, butRead More →