These boots are made for walking…back up the TEDx stage in 2013! Molly Barker from Girls on the Run will be back again, red boots included, for this year’s TEDxCharlotte. She talked about seeing past your current reality and being free at last in this video from her 2011 talk:  Do you play it safe and stick to black or brown shoes instead of going with the color that speaks to your personality? Molly steps outside the box in her red boots to find her freedom. Sometimes it’s easier to stay in the box than to risk being vulnerable on the outside of it, butRead More →

In the social media marketing world, DJ Waldow is one of “those” guys.  Well known and well liked, DJ is known for bear hugs and being full of life.  His personality made him a perfect person to ask, “What does ‘unlimit’ mean to you?” DJ’s response was that unlimit is something without borders, the ability to do what you want with no one telling you what you SHOULD be doing.  It’s taking risks and doing things that should be scary without getting paralyzed by the fear of what others might think. Admittedly, DJ says this is easier said than done.  But you have to rememberRead More →

In South Carolina’s Brookgreen Gardens stands a sculpture called Time in the Fates of Man.  The sculpture, done by Paul Manship in 1939, depicts the Fates weaving man’s life – one weaves the threads of life, one measures the length of life, and one has scissors to depict death, the end of life. For Tamela Rich, this sculpture is a reminder to live a life of unlimit.  You only have a certain measure of time to live – what are you going to do with it? Tamela’s story of how she came to this realization is full of twists and turns.  She had long lovedRead More →

TED – “Ideas Worth Spreading” – a concept so simple and so infectious it may well change how you view your engagement with and involvement in the world. As adults, many of people evolve to simply tune out most of what they hear.  Nothing is absorbed easily because attention spans have grown short, there’s not enough time, or apathy just takes over. Despite all of this, however, taking the time to listen just once can open up a wellspring of vision, a change in attitude, and a previously unheard call to duty. TEDxCharlotte 2013’s theme of Unlimited is in this case, represented by our abilityRead More →

We are excited to be bringing a new sponsor to the TEDxCharlotte team, OrthoCarolina! OrthoCarolina is one of the nation’s leading orthopedic practices. We are excited about what they bring to the table with their groundbreaking practices. Stay tuned for a video featuring Dr. Murrey. OrthoCarolina is a forward-thinking, innovative organization made up of some of the best surgeons and staff in the business. The culture syncs up very well with the culture and ‘vibe’ of TEDx.   As an organization with strive to be the best and do so by challenging our selves and ‘the norm’ if necessary something that many TED talks and participantsRead More →

“In my dreams, I fly.” – Scott Swimmer, drumSTRONG Watch his TEDxCharlotte talk here. Self described “percussaholic”, Scott Swimmer talks about his global charity, drumming. He says “Pulse perpetuates life and permeates mine”. From drumSTRONG sessions lasting more than 24 hours to bringing rhythm to cancer patients, Scott has found that all of us have a little drummer boy inside. What rhythm unlimits you? Comment below or connect with Garland to continue the discussion.  Read More →

“To play, to strive.” To become unlimited! Watch Katie Wyatt – Kidznotes/El Sistema, Venezuala Kidznotes brings classical orchestra music and instruction to schools to help fight poverty and encourage strong critical thinking. Enjoy Kate’s TEDxCharlotte talk about this program and the insight into what it’s like to wrangle kids to create music from chaos. “Orchestra is a unique community. It is unique in that it is the only community that comes together with the exclusive and sole purpose of agreeing with itself.” – Maestro Abreu, founder of El Sistema Learn more about El Sistema, a voluntary sector music education program. Comment below or connect with GarlandRead More →

Earlier this year we all were on the edge of our seats while Felix Baumgartner traveled into the stratosphere and leaped from a balloon back to earth. He broke several records and won over many hearts in the process. Today, we revisit this TEDtalk by stuntman Steve Truglia about the history of stunts and his plans for the “greatest stunt on earth” in 2009. He gives us the history of space jumps and the details of his training. Watch Steve Truglia – leap from the edge of space. Technology is taking us higher, making stunts bigger and most importantly, keeping those taking these risks safer. WhatRead More →

Wayne McGregor didn’t have nine ladies dancing when he did his TED talk.  What he did have was the opportunity to show how a choreographer builds phrases in a live and unscripted setting. As McGregor says, a dance is the way a choreographer communicates his or her ideas to the audience.  To show this, he and two dancers take the TED logo and put it into movement and dance.   To quote, watch this talk to “explore the uncharted territory where mind and movement intersect.” This post was written by feature author Stephanie Nelson.Read More →

When Jamie Oliver presented his TED prize wish, he didn’t just focus on milk.  He focused on all food – and our ignorance of it.  He wants to teach every child about food, about its primal place in our homes and about how obesity and related diseases are 100% preventable. In his amazing talk, Oliver presents astounding statistics such as: -Four Americans die from the food they eat every 18 minutes. -2/3 of Americans are statistically overweight or obese -Parents today are giving their kids 10 year shorter life spans, all because of the foods they eat. Watch the talk to find out the simpleRead More →