Katie Wyatt has decided to take up music, not arms. And the name of the movement she’s joining in her attempt to change the world is “el Sistema,” or “the system. It is a visionary global movement that transforms the lives of children through music. In other words, it is a new model for social change. The essence of the program is “tocar y luchar”, or to play and to strive. El Sistema teaches children how to create beauty through music, and Wyatt has decided to bring it’s essence to the children of North Carolina via Kidz Notes. My big idea, she says, is toRead More →

How do you go about buying a car? If you’re like a lot of people, you probably start by looking at pictures, but they can’t possibly tell you the whole story. For instance, how can you tell what the odometer reads if you’re only looking at a glossy sales slick? Pictures can communicate a lot. For instance, a graph with bars both above and below the? x-axis can help explain when things are going good (when bars are above the zero line) and when things are going bad (when bars are below the zero line). But it’s important to look beyond photos and graphs toRead More →

Tim Will, a soft spoken man, says he’s here representing “the noble people of Appalachia.” He took the stage with a box of Wheaties. He says, from a farmer’s point of view, it doesn’t matter if the box is full or empty because farmers only make pennies on the food inside of it one way or another. He asked the audience, “How many of you know September is National Food Desert Awareness Month?” No one seemed to … These days, people are getting food, often junk, at gas stations and big box stores, not farms, because we’ve created a food system where we mass produceRead More →

We can’t manipulate our children into doing what we want them to do and expect success. If we want to learn to be better parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents and friends, we should allow history to be our guide. Try teaching children lessons through parables … as they’ve been used to each lessons throughout time. (Parable = Parallel Meaning.) We should spend more time with our children. We should take them out into nature. Teach them ideas. If we view them as capable, inquisitive beings, they’ll begin to recognize the same traits in us. “If you want to reach a child, reach their spirit,” saidRead More →

Some assumptions: Our global food system is broken. Food deserts, where people don’t have access to fresh foods, are a problem. Rich is working to slow Charlotte’s food, establish creative gardens around the Queen City and offer more fresh foods to area seniors, through Friendship Trays (a meal delivery program for low-income or shut-in elderly citizens). He says he’s focused on coordinating with area municipalities, organizations and children. Prisoners can provide labor. Cities can provide land. Organizations can provide collaboration. And children should know carrots come from the ground, not plastic bags. He ended with a quote from Winston Churchill that points out that humanity’sRead More →

What’s your framework for your decision making process? What are your challenges? How can you introduce change into your framework to alter your challenges? Once you introduce change, you must evaluate the feedback the change generates and ask yourself, What are the implications of the changes? Now it’s time to make choices. Even though you may be comfortable with your old world, and your old ways, and even if you’ve already invested a lot, you have to ask yourself if you see the change clearly or if you are biased because you’re so tied to the way things have always been. Do you need aRead More →

If your friend was speeding and got busted, would you lie for them if they got caught? In South Korea, 63 percent would. In the U.S., 7 percent would. (Which means 93 percent would rat on their friends.) “We in the U.S., believe it or not, we have a very bad reputation internationally when it comes to close friendships,” said Baumgarte. After returning from France, he started studying the phenomenon. He realized one of our problems is that we work too much. Our friendships are too superficial, even though we’re very open and friendly. That doesn’t make us bad, but it does make us different.Read More →

It’s going to take our entire brain to address our community’s issues, so the left brain and right brain are coming together to move this community forward. Here are some ideas the whole brain came up with: mac os x snow leopard digital download antivirus software download Idea #1: Give every tree in Charlotte-Mecklenburg a name, a real name. When a named tree croaks, people will care. “Give earth a human name,” says Q, who portrayed the right brain. Idea #2: Art recess! It’s time to bring recess into the work place. The world’s economy is transforming into a creative economy. Creative time shouldn’t endRead More →

What does it mean to host TEDx in Charlotte? cheap software for students buy software “We will be defining a theater of purpose,” said Carlos Salum, who greeted the audience at the Knight Theater. Now the rules, from Mike Watson: This day is a culmination of many days of work, by many volunteers. Thank them. Capitalize on break time to, as Carlos said, move your ideas forward. Spark debate. Talk to the speakers. Sit back. Open your mind. Enjoy the ride. Take the ideas we discuss today past today, into the future. Conversation is encouraged, just not during the presentation. Stay until the end. BuyRead More →