When you hear people talk about the Charlotte craft beer scene, you may wonder what exactly is a craft brew? Craft breweries produce 6 million barrels or less Microbreweries produce 15,000 barrels or less A brew pub is where 25% or more of the beer is sold on site Nanobreweries and home brewers also produce small batches of tasty craft brew concoctions Deeply rooted in homebrewing, the craft beer industry is unlimiting American beer culture. It has even has helped to repeal laws which helped make opening microbreweries easier. In 1978 homebrewing was finally re-legalized in the United States, in the years that followed theseRead More →

These boots are made for walking…back up the TEDx stage in 2013! Molly Barker from Girls on the Run will be back again, red boots included, for this year’s TEDxCharlotte. She talked about seeing past your current reality and being free at last in this video from her 2011 talk: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hw8hnAq0wbQ  Do you play it safe and stick to black or brown shoes instead of going with the color that speaks to your personality? Molly steps outside the box in her red boots to find her freedom. Sometimes it’s easier to stay in the box than to risk being vulnerable on the outside of it, butRead More →

Social Media Committee volunteer, Garland West, shaved an X into a patch on the side of her head for the TEDxCharlotte launch party with the help of other committee member Sara Beth Jones and egged on by Rose Le. Fearless expression! Unlimiting yourself and expressing yourself so often go hand in hand. Vulnerability somehow becomes strength and surprising things can happen. Let’s explore our intersections of expression and humanitarianism. It’s the place where ideas take shape. These two talks meet us at that intersection and explore what it’s like to express yourself while helping others. So, TEDxCharlotte wants to know, how do you express your unlimits? DoRead More →

“In my dreams, I fly.” – Scott Swimmer, drumSTRONG Watch his TEDxCharlotte talk here. Self described “percussaholic”, Scott Swimmer talks about his global charity, drumming. He says “Pulse perpetuates life and permeates mine”. From drumSTRONG sessions lasting more than 24 hours to bringing rhythm to cancer patients, Scott has found that all of us have a little drummer boy inside. What rhythm unlimits you? Comment below or connect with Garland to continue the discussion.  Read More →

“To play, to strive.” To become unlimited! Watch Katie Wyatt – Kidznotes/El Sistema, Venezuala Kidznotes brings classical orchestra music and instruction to schools to help fight poverty and encourage strong critical thinking. Enjoy Kate’s TEDxCharlotte talk about this program and the insight into what it’s like to wrangle kids to create music from chaos. “Orchestra is a unique community. It is unique in that it is the only community that comes together with the exclusive and sole purpose of agreeing with itself.” – Maestro Abreu, founder of El Sistema Learn more about El Sistema, a voluntary sector music education program. Comment below or connect with GarlandRead More →

Earlier this year we all were on the edge of our seats while Felix Baumgartner traveled into the stratosphere and leaped from a balloon back to earth. He broke several records and won over many hearts in the process. Today, we revisit this TEDtalk by stuntman Steve Truglia about the history of stunts and his plans for the “greatest stunt on earth” in 2009. He gives us the history of space jumps and the details of his training. Watch Steve Truglia – leap from the edge of space. Technology is taking us higher, making stunts bigger and most importantly, keeping those taking these risks safer. WhatRead More →

“The most ecological choice is the most ethical choice is the most delicious choice.” Unlimit your expectations. When you bring up foie gras either your mouth waters or you think about the conditions under which it was created. Dan Barber talks about how we should “rely on nature for solutions instead of imposing the solutions on nature” where he touches on how limited we are when we think livestock or big agriculture. We must move away from “take more, sell more, waste more” he says. What we are doing is not sustainable. The most beautiful part about this tale is that the geese themselves inviteRead More →