LIVE: Suzan’ Stroud


The Gift of…

Life, liberty and the pursuit of me… yes, me. What’s it all about and where can I find it?

We see it, it’s tucked away in a small, unassuming place.

“I’m excited to share with you about a gift I gave myself,” said Suzan’, “This gift is very beneficial to use at any time with anyone at any where… I present to you the gift of ‘no.'”

Imagine a gift that you never had to return… it’s the right size and color. It will never go out of style or be out of season.

Suzan’ asked the audience to turn to each other and say “no” and the crowd erupted in laugher.

“No” is a toddlers first moment of independent power and it is  also a complete sentence.

When she first learned the gift of no, she was like a kid with a super soaker water gun.

A few years ago she was approaching burnout at work and she attributes that to saying yes to everything and everyone. She sent her boss a letter of leave for 30 days. She had to do it… this month long sabbatical would be a step towards self-care.

As a result of the 30 day break, she wrote a book about self care. On her sabbatical she learned that no was the strongest form of self care.

When she came back to work after the 30 days, “I was a brand new me.”

Then she learned more creative ways to say no, “I’m on fries I don’t know what they are doing at the burger station,” which means I’m staying in my lane.

I’m no longer weighed down by unrealistic expectations.

“Who’s asking? What’s our connection? Why do i feel the need to say yes? What emotion or feeling will be associated with my yes?” This last question is most crucial… there will always be an emotion.

“No” means you know what you will and will not engage in. Saying “yes” is easy because it makes the other person happy. Saying “maybe” is non-commital. “No” is an emphatic response that leaves nothing else to be said.

Saying “no” is not easy when you’re used to saying “yes”, but if you step out of your comfort zone and say what you mean, and mean what you say it eliminates the need for negotiation.

Why should I say “yes” when my heartfelt response is to say “no”?

Social media makes us think that everything should be liked, loved or confirmed… we are supposed to be in agreement.

The “yes” predators are out there… they don’t care what it means to you, they just want you to say “yes” and agree.

With “no” you have the right to chose how you invest your time and energy… you do not need to be guilted into anything.

Guard your time like you would guard your purse.

The gift of “no” is there and it just needs to be unwrapped. No, is powerful and liberating.

And “no” is a complete sentence!



Suzan’ Stroud is the author of “I’m Not Successful Because I Don’t Want To Be-A Hard Look in the Mirror
and Reality Check for Your Life,” which is a book that engages in a dynamic conversation with the reader
about awakening to pursue their personal and professional goals, and in her latest book “The Life Diet
365-Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of You” she provides you with basic insight into discovering how
contributing factors such as Abusive Relationships, Negative Thoughts and People, Haters and
Doubters, Stress, and Dead Weight are dream killers that can ultimately keep you from reaching your
goals. Suzan is the proud mother of two adult children, and she resides in Charlotte, NC with her husband