LIVE: Scott Hofert

The Boredom and Creativity Kinship

Summer. With kids. It feels like you have to keep your kids occupied. On the eighth day, we told our kids to go play outside as we had no plans. That evening, Scott sees his son laying in a hammock that his son made (he had been talking about for weeks) reading a book.

Everything came full circle.

“My son’s teacher told the parents and students a few days before – parents your default is to fill up your kids summer with fun and entertainment, but maybe the best thing you can do is let them be bored.”

The monotony of his son’s day when he stepped outside that morning became the impetus to his creativity. “The foundations of some of the things we hold to be the most special in our lives come from a place of boredom.”

“My great-grandfather, grandfather, and father were in the clock business,” but Scott went a different route. He graduated from college and worked in the nonprofit sector. He was helping the world and having the time of his life. Then he started a spiritual community called Watershed. For the last 13 years, that’s something he’s focused on with great intensity and passion as people are waking up to who they are.

But about eight years ago, bumping into his 40’s, Scott realized he’d been working in the service sector, and although he was loving his work, he was a little bit bored, too.

What’s next?

In that space of boredom, he thought he needed to play with something else… maybe work with his hands.

Scott loves leather. He thought to himself, maybe this is what I’ll make things out of and he began to work with his hands and make things. He began to find himself waking up. “There’s something profound working with your hands.”

He bought an iPad and discovered there were no iPad cases made yet, so he made one. After his wife’s insistence to put the leather case he made for the iPad up on Etsy, things started heating up on Etsy and he began to make more things. Before he knew it, he had three people working full time in his 10×10 shed in his backyard making leather goods. Now, he has a studio with several employees and they are having the time of their lives.

He never would have experienced this if he hadn’t allowed himself to sit in the space of boredom.

“When you and I sit with boredom, we have this longing to do something meaningful.”

Up to 85% of us are unhappy at our place of work. We’re bored. So if boredom is the impetus to creativity, then why is it that more of us aren’t waking up to a new way of being? Answer: technology. We always have it. We don’t allow ourselves to be bored. First off, we have to be productive. If we’re not being productive, we jump into entertainment mode. We numb ourselves from the luxury of being bored and we miss out on the opportunities of what else could be.

Allow yourself be bored.




Dr. Scott Hofert is the founder and head leathersmith of ColsenKeane Leather based in Charlotte, NC and co-founder and co-pastor of the non-denominational church, Watershed, in Plaza Midwood in Charlotte. A self-confessed leather goods junkie, father of two sons, husband, former world traveler turned homebody, aspiring but still novice yogi and semi-reluctant vintage Airstream restorer, Scott spent his twenties working in humanitarian aid in over forty countries, his thirties starting a family and a spiritual community in an urban setting and began his American made leather goods company at age forty. Obsessed with entrepreneurship, transformation, creating and implementing new initiatives, cultivating spirituality in community, empowering the marginalized and co-leadership, his greatest joys are found in building the kind of family, community and goods that are made to last the long haul.