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Jen Band

Today. Today is yours, claim it. This life is yours, live it.

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Jen shares her story of using her imagination and how she started Playing For Others.

It all started when she started working at a camp. This camp wasn’t just your ordinary camp. For example, one girl had AIDS. Who would want to work with sick, dying kids? The way reality could be is possibility,

Are you afraid of the unknown? Those trouble seeds that doubt has sewn?

Another camp experience altered her life path. One week of camp was for burn survivors. It’s painful — in more than one way. Emotionally, spiritually, mentally.  Most of these kids had been burned intentionally by family members. One of the kids said, “What if we could take what happened to us and inspire someone else? What if it was possible?”

Then, a bolt of possibility hit her. The idea for Playing for Others.

She got back home to Charlotte and emailed some of her past campers. She said if you want to learn more about this idea I have, come out to Freedom Park at 2pm. On September 10, 2006, almost a hundred campers and family members came. She told all of them her ideas. Her goal was $5,000. She knew that she didn’t have to know the how. The how would reveal itself.

You don’t have to know the how. The how will reveal itself.

$ 22,426.47. A number Jen will never forget. The amount of money raised the first year. But, she couldn’t stop there. She had to do it again.

She knew it was possible, she didn’t know how. Year after year, she added new things. It kept growing.

The next time she went to camp, she was working with teenage girls with disabilities. Her life would change through one conversation with a camper who happened to have cerebral palsy. After explaining how she was being pulled in different directions, Katie was laying right beside her and looked at her. Really looked at her. She said, “If you’re going to jump, you might as well leap.”

Like it was the easiest decision in the world, Jen lept. “When you jump, you get to good. But when you leap, you get to great.”

The most important questions you can ask yourself: Who am I? How will I give of that?

Today. Today is yours, claim it. This life is yours, live it.


Blog written by Sara Beth Jones [@jonesysb].