LIVE: Doug Rader – Hope for the Oceans: Getting Fishing Right

Title: Hope for the Oceans: Getting Fishing Right

Kicking things off for TEDxCharlotte 2014: Renewal,¬†Douglas Rader, the Chief Oceans Scientist for the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), admitted, “Because I’m a serious scientist, they wouldn’t let me up here unless I promised not to bore you to death with endless charts and graphs.”

He lied. There was one chart. One Rader colorfully called “the death spiral to hell for fish.” How’s that for not boring?

But the vision Rader laid out for renewing our ocean fishing systems through implementing “catch shares” was inspiring and hopeful.

“Most people view the oceans as boundless,” said Rader. “Most scientists view the ocean as the place where rampant fishing is chasing too few fish.”

But Rader shared that his perspective is slightly different: “I look at the ocean fisheries, the ocean fishing around the world, as an underperforming asset, held in check by obsolete management methods that squander up to 50 billion dollars of income a year and massive amounts of food to feed people around the world.”

Rader’s advice: “This won’t happen without you…learn about where your seafood comes from at home. When you go to the store, take a sustainable seafood selection chart with you, and please buy from the green end of the spectrum.”

Why? “So that we can see again a shining sea.”


Liveblog written by Steve Knight.