Meet The Speakers: Chuck Hawks

Chuck Hawks

CEO, Teen Driving Solutions

Role:  Chuck co-leads curriculum development with our President, Dan Wagner, and is our primary classroom instructor and presenter for our teen driving classroom sessions.  His focus is on the overall leadership and guidance of our organization, and how we show up in the community.

Qualifications and Expertise:  30+ years as a highly trained and skilled professional driver, involved in all types of driving instruction of all forms from teens, to racing, to diplomat protection. He has also performed almost a decade of research on how the various generations interface and work with one another, and has served as an expert speaker on the subject nationally for many years.  He is a Certified Business Coach (Coachville Graduate School of Corporate Coaching), Certified Personal Coach (Dream Coach University), and has engineering degrees in Media and Computer Sciences.

Inspiration:  In today’s fast-paced world, Chuck thinks it is unfair to “throw a teen driver to the wolves” with the relatively low amount of training and experience it takes to obtain a drivers license.  With our roads as crowded as they are with distracted drivers, perpetually in a rush and focused primarily on their own needs inside their vehicle, he is dedicated to arming teens with the highest quality education and support to defend themselves on those busy streets.  He also is committed to preparing them to lead the next generations of highly qualified, safe drivers.