LIVE: Robin Emmons

Robin Emmons starts her afternoon talk at TEDxCharlotte with a personal story.

Robin Emmons

She quit her Corporate America job in 2008 so she could take care of her homeless older brother. He had been living on the streets for a decade. Emmons decided to follow her brother through the prison and mental health system until the court granted her guardenship of her brother. The one thing she wanted most for her brother was for him to stop eating what she calls “fringe and frankenfoods.”

“I can’t tell you what it’s like to drive to a corporate tower and seeing your loved one with a Hefty trash bag and riding around simply to keep warm,” said Emmons.

Emmons promotes healthy, locally grown food through her farm, Sow Much Good. As its founder and executive director, she is working to eliminate food deserts in Mecklenburg County, which has 60 neighborhoods with more than 73,000 people who do not have access to fresh fruit and vegetables at local food stores.

Sow Much Good produces eight tons of food per day and employees homeless people, including a carpenter named William. The winner of Sustain Charlotte’s food award last year says she is now living a non-scripted life.

“At the end of the day my story is not unique,” said Emmons. “It is a story about all of us. It is a story about how we can move more consciously around the world.”

Robin Emmons
Huntersville, NC resident Robin Emmons left her job in the financial services industry after 20 years and a week after leaving began a journey to help unlimit the life of her homeless and mentally ill brother. While helping him transition, she found her passion in 2008 using food to help promote social justice such as food access in marginalized communities and through this transition for both her and her brother Sow Much Good was born. Her activism through this has helped raise awareness about the state of our food systems today. Connect with Robin on Twitter and Facebook to help plant the seeds for the future of our food.

Live blog post by Joanne Spataro