jocElyn Ellis kicked off the afternoon session of TEDxCharlotte with the inspirational song, “Dawn of Inspiration,” a song that encourages people to be limitless in their thinking and actions, whether they are a performance artist like her or work at a 9-to-5 desk job.

“Art is in everything that we do,” said Ellis. “Once you express yourself, you are giving an immortality to what you believe in.”

Ellis’s biggest inspiration came when she was in third grade. Back then, there was a man named Mr. Tucker who lived down the street in her neighborhood. He would sit on his porch when she got off the bus in the late afternoon. Although some kids in the neighborhood were afraid of him, Ellis wanted to talk to him.

One afternoon, she got off the bus and asked her mother if she could go talk to Mr. Tucker. Her mom let her see him. She  sat down next to Mr. Tucker and asked what he was thinking about. The conversation that sparked from that question stuck with her for years to come.

“Mr. Tucker was a strange man,” said Ellis. “He didn’t talk a lot but when he did, he impacted his community. He impacted his community in that little child in his neighborhood.”

She closed her session with the song, “Burn Burn,” which is about Mr. Tucker.

jocElyn Ellis
Charlotte area singer and songwriter jocElyn Ellis’ soulful voice and writing talent combine for a powerful mix of music magic. jocElyn is currently working on her crowdfunded album, Life of a Hologram, which will be completed later this year. She has performed all over the world with amazing musicians like Wyclef Jean, Everclear and performed with her band, The Alpha Theory. She has since focused her work to her songwriting project, The Apple Seed Society. Learn more about her music on her website and follow her on Twitter and Facebook to stay tuned into her amazing sound.

Download the recently released Free Acoustic Teaser from jocElyn ellis & Haji Basim.

Check out her accompanist, Red Jesse in his group, Dead Sea $crilla.

Attend jocElyn’s next event as she competes for the Project Art Aid’s Queen City Soup Micro-grant project on February 22.

Live blog post by Joanne Spataro

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  1. […] jocElyn Ellis. I wish you guys could have heard this girl sing. Yes, I am a sucker for live music. I am also drawn to jocElyn because I know what it’s like to go through life with a wonky capital letter tucked into the spelling of your name. In all seriousness though, as I was listening to her sing, I kept thinking of how I could best describe her voice and her presence to someone who was not there to see what I saw and hear what I heard. Rihanna? Too broad or too popular perhaps. Maybe Emeli Sandé.  If you get a chance, check out her music. She’s great. Listen to jocElyn’s TEDx Charlotte performance – performances are at the start and about minute 13. […]

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