Speaker Spotlight: Robin Emmons


Food: (N) any nutritious substance that people eat or drink in order to maintain life and growth- a human necessity, a basic right, and yet, there are countless communities across the country without access to clean and healthy nourishment.

In 2008, Robin Emmons set out to plant the seeds of change to make a difference, founding Sow Much Good. Experiencing through her brother the detrimental effects of malnutrition, and lack of access to wholesome food in the communities around her, Robin dedicated herself to putting an end to obstacles in our food system that largely affect the poorer and working populations.

Since starting the project, Robin has worked tirelessly through Sow Much Good to spread and raise awareness about food and basic nutrition, and the injustices that exist in the social system, denying many people access to that which many of us take for granted. Seeing gardening as a healthy, sustainable, and local solution to this problem, Sow Much Good has transformed food-insecure and vulnerable communities into stable and well-served communities, whose residents continue to adopt healthy eating habits.

For a big dream that started with small seeds (and a single backyard garden), Robin’s vision for healthier and well-informed communities has certainly grown into a living reality- one who’s fruits will continue to nourish and inspire us, and hopefully encourage us to plant our own seeds of change.

Post written by Mansi Shah, TEDxCharlotte Youth Outreach Team.