Spotlight on Deborah Triplett – TEDxCLT Photographer and Organizer

Deborah Triplett

It’s a rare opportunity to get the story of the “snappy” lady behind the lens. Deborah Triplett is not only a TEDxCharlotte organizer several years going, she’s also been documenting and capturing all the happenings before, during and after the TEDxCharlotte event as one of our principal photographers.  Through her lens, we see the story of the TEDxCharlotte journey- past, present and future. Learn a thing or two about the gifted and fun Deborah Triplett in our interview below.

What do you love about TEDx?

The diversity of ideas that are shared. The intellect involved – creativity – heart & hope. It does a body good.

What excites you about what you do as the TEDx photographer?

Meeting all these creative, UNLIMITED persons involved and who attend. Excites me to be a part of the Charlotte community. So much inspiration.

What do you hope the audience takes away from the day?

That we all can give back to life on this earth in a meaningful way. Anyone can do it. Just do it, damn it. Run with your idea. I can’t help but think of an old gospel song with the line “if everyone would light just one little candle what a bright world this would be.” It’s my favorite thought.

Where can we find you around town? Where is your stomping ground?

My backyard (Flowerhead Farm) or a friend’s backyard or front porch. Just look for that crazy woman who always has a camera slung ’round her neck.

What else are you involved in our community? What are your interests and other talents?

I have my own project Yard Art Day that I began last year and happening again this year and beyond. Plus and I am  honored to be the photo documentary photographer for Opportunity Farm which is a “for profit” project that gives the homeless jobs as gardeners in an urban garden. This is a lifetime dream of a photo project for me.

How can someone best each you if they’re interested in your talents or hobnobbing it up?

Email me, or call 704 651 3330. Plus can be found on Facebook. Twitter @deborahtriplett or @yardartday. Or yell real loud. Google works too.