TEDxCLT Youth on Dale Mullennix

 Dale MullenixThough Dale describes himself as “someone who is not all that comfortable describing himself,” his many achievements in social justice entrepreneurship around the Charlotte area paint an admirable and fascinating picture. From helping to bring Habitat for Humanity to Charlotte, along with a small group of pastors, to creating the Share-a-Home of Charlotte program, Dale has continually demonstrated that an individual’s passion truly can create significant, positive change.

In his current position as Executive Director of the Urban Ministry Center of Charlotte, Dale and his community partners have been working to end local homelessness, with “efforts known for their innovation and reliance on talented, compassionate people…to meet the needs of our neighbors who are homeless.” With 30 years of experience under his belt, Dale has established several noteworthy programs within the Center, such as Room at the Inn, a program that encourages congregations, colleges and YMCAs to house a group of homeless people for a night during the particularly cold months.


This ambitious spirit fed into Dale’s own definition of unlimit. “The word…would apply to [our] work in that we have several out of the box programs” that aren’t usually associated with working with homeless people. He cited examples such as a designated art studio, street-soccer team, gospel choir, running club and fishing club that are specifically designed “to create community among people who didn’t know they had anything in common, all the while empowering homeless people to move toward housing, health and hope.”


“Why I am on the path I am on in my life is a mystery to me,” said Dale, “yet it seems like some kind of service to others is all I’ve ever considered. I do what I do not out of some selfless sacrifice, but because the opportunities are just always there and I am grateful for them. I can’t imagine a better life than the one I’ve been given.”


~by Jessica Coates, TEDxCharlotte Youth Guest Writer