TEDxCLT Youth on Jackson Lewis

Jackson Lewis, of the Twelve in Twelve Foundation has accomplished so much, and done so much good in the world, particularly for his age.  He has traveled the world with his family and touched the lives of others internationally.  He has documented it all in his blog, www.globalteenblogger.com, has done what many of us can only dream to do and seen places most of us can only dream to see.

Yet many of us do dream to see the world to the same extent as Jackson.  All of us have causes for which we hope to contribute our time and efforts towards, to the same extent that Jackson has been able to.  What sets Jackson above and beyond is initiative.

Jackson and I are of the same generation, a generation often labeled as “entitled” or apathetic.  But I think Jackson is a good indicator that these labels are either not all encompassing, or else completely inaccurate.  Initiative and drive to sustain his passions are what seems to be largely responsible for what Jackson has been able to accomplish.  Enthusiasm, which is certainly evident in Jackson’s story and global impact, is universal.  Yet while most of us allow extraneous factors to stand in the way of altruism and achievement, Jackson has not been afraid to initiate.  To do.

So when you hear Jackson’s story, do not let it discourage you from action.  Let it be a call for you to initiate projects and good works of your own.  Jackson, at such a young age, knows that the key to leaving a mark on the world is not enthusiasm.  It is initiative, and is what sets the do-ers, like Jackson, apart from the rest of us.

by Casey Aldridge, TEDxCharlotte Youth Guest Writer