Fear of Failure

The fear of failure should not limit you,  it should unlimit you.  Not being afraid of failure is what unlimits me.  Failure is good and fear should be reconstructed for only good intentions.


Have you ever had events of “failure” that prevented you from ever doing something again?  Whether it’s a bad jump off of a high dive when you were a kid or an embarrassing attempt at speaking a different language?

Did you let the fear take over you to never do it again or did you face it?  How did you overcome it?

Watch: Tim Ferriss – Smash fear, learn anything

In his talk, Tim Ferriss gives us advice on how to smash our fears and learn anything that we want.  The first step is to remove the false information and misconceptions and deconstruct your fear.  The second step is not what you do but how you do it.  Then set a deadline by which you should accomplish overcoming the fear and mastering the thing you once feared.

You see, fear is your friend.  It should be used for good and without the fear of failure.  Failure will happen and is part of life.  The most successful people have failed, a lot.

So what have you failed at in your past that you are now afraid of and how have your overcome that fear?

This post was written by feature writer, Kseniya Martin.