Interview with the Emcee – Mike Watson!

 Mike Watson


We caught up with Mike Watson, TEDxCharlotte’s emcee extraordinaire, this week and got the inside scoop on the man behind the mic.


Q: What do you love about TEDx?
A: I love that TEDx provides a space where individuals can connect and inspire each other through face to face engagement, where barriers have been stripped allowing honest commentary in a way that is fundamental to personal growth.


Q: What excites you about what you do as Emcee extraordinaire?
A: As emcee I have access to all the speakers and planners, which in essence provides me with an ongoing opportunity to see and hear a variety of perspectives and viewpoints. This is key, in my opinion, to elevated learning.  So, in a way it is a selfish educational opportunity that I also see as a gift each and every time I am up there on stage doing introductions or backstage having a casual conversation. Additionally the moments at TEDx as emcee have led to a number of relationships that otherwise never would have been created.


Q: What do you hope the audience takes away from the day?
A: I hope and desire that the audience takes away from this and every TEDx the permission to be…to be extraordinary, to believe that the impossible is possible and to to be inspired in such a way that it transforms their thinking and their life.


Q: Where can we find you around town? Where is your stomping ground?
A: I live in NoDa, my art studio is in Southend, I practice hot Yoga at Charlotte Yoga, off Park road and my work takes me from the airport to South Park, and everywhere in-between. This is essentially who I am, a person that interacts in a number of environments and with a variety of people because it energizes me. I consistently go to and work with the Mint Museum of Art, the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art, and really appreciate my relationship with Neiman Marcus, and their PR and Visual staff, additionally I can be found at any number of fashion events, art openings, and innovative gatherings. Charlotte is a city that is perfect for anyone that wants to get things started, so I try to maximize my use of what it has to offer.


Q: What else are you involved in our community? What are your interests and other talents?
A: I exhibit my artwork at Gallery Twenty Two in Plaza Midwood, I have been involved in hosting the ADDY awards the last 2 years, I created and host The Art Institute of Charlotte’s Creative Showcase every year in uptown, I freelance doing graphic design for local and regional bands, and have been honored to work with Angela Gala on creating a number of high profile events in the city. I currently added to this, since I get bored easily, assisting JD Lewis with the Twelve in Twelve Foundation, and most recently taking on a creative endeavor with Patricia Shafer and her Any1Can campaign.


Q: How can someone best connect with you?
A: Tweet it up- @emcmike to connect, share, inspire