Speaker Sneak Peek: Karla Williams

 Karla Williams
Karla Williams is a principal of The Williams Group and has 15 years of experience with assisting over 200 nonprofit entities. Here, she reveals what she’ll be discussing at TEDxCharlotte on February 15!

TEDxCharlotte: What will you be talking about at TEDxCharlotte?

Karla Williams: The role that civic engagement plays in a community’s culture and quality of life. The back story of the spirit of democracy in American and Charlotte. How Charlotte differs from other communities and what that means for philanthropy.

TEDxCharlotte: How can people make a difference in non-profits if they can’t afford to give money?

KW: Ironically, and in the recent decade, Americans focused more on asking for money as a gift, rather than time. And yet, because of the recession, people have more time to give and for many, time is a gift of greater value.

The nonprofit sector needs to embrace this opportunity, by creating new para-professional positions for volunteers who have the talent and skills needed by most small/medium sized nonprofits: expertise in change management, financial accounting, human resources, technology, etc.

A gift of expertise, (including) time has the potential to help a nonprofit become more efficient and effective, and be better poised to raise money from those without time to give.

TEDxCharlotte: What are your upcoming projects this year?

KW: Another book, more journal articles, (and) presentations on Growing a Culture of Philanthropy.


by Joanne Spataro