Unlimit: Christina Britt Lewis

What unlimits you?

“When we choose to see life as a gift given by a good giver, all of it is unlimiting. There is endless potential. When we choose to see ourselves as the receivers of good gifts, it follows that we are here to give them back to the whole wide world. When we use our gifts to make the world a better place, life is unlimitless.” —Christina Britt Lewis

 Christina Britt Lewis was living a very comfortable life in a very comfortable home in New Hampshire when she and her husband, Timothy Dean Lewis, chose to start life over. They believe that each and every one of us is made great at something. We are at our best when we live all up and in that something. They had reached a point in their lives when they felt like the American dream had come true for them, but the dream felt boring. They had climbed the ladder and kept up with the Joneses, but they couldn’t help but notice that the Joneses were not happy.

So they jumped off the limited ladder and said goodbye to the Joneses. Before they even heard the words to “Wagon Wheel,” they were singing “if I die in Charlotte, at least I will die free.” These northerners with southern souls sold everything, lived off their savings, and made a life doing what they love for a living.

Creating something out of seemingly nothing, seeing beauty in what already exists, living well and spending less, rethinking and rearranging and redesigning what is already there, this is what makes Christina come alive. Charlotte has thanked her by voting her Charlotte Magazine’s “Best of the Best Interior Designer” in 2011 and 2012. (Voting for 2013 runs from Feb. 11-24.)

The Redesign Company is a connection of status quo antagonists who help you redesign your world so you “love coming home.” After more than 25 years together, Christina and Tim continue to master the convoluted art of loving and living well. Tim is a therapist who helps people love each other better. Christina is an interior designer who helps people live better and spend less. They launched the company in 2004, and now know the freedom that comes when you choose giving over getting, creating over ladder climbing, and people over money.

“We go about our lives blinded by what we think we are supposed to do and who we think we are supposed to be. We are so busy keeping all of this up and paying for it, that we can’t even see how unlimited life could be. We just have to open our minds to the possibility and open our eyes to see that SOMEBODY LEFT THE GATE OPEN!”
—Christina Britt Lewis

posted by Steve Knight, TEDxCharlotte social media team