Unlimit: Tamara Park

In her own words, Tamara Park is “a lover of beauty. a chaser of borders. captivated by story. caught in grace.”  Tamara has traveled the world as an author and as a television producer, sometimes seeing the greatest good and the lowest lows the world has to offer and giving her a unique perspective on the definition of “unlimit.”

When asked to define “unlimit,” Tamara responds with,”I see it as an invitation to adventure, contribution and generosity.”  She believes that with a great enough longing or a big enough hope, anyone can be energized to get around limitations.  As examples, Tamara recounts a few encounters from her own life.

The first story is from her pilgrimage from Rome to Jerusalem, researching her book Sacred Encounters.  Her whole premise was to travel an ancient pilgrim route with two friends, asking people she came in contact with to describe God.  During her very first encounter, with an old man who barely spoke English, she ended up being propositioned for sex.  Being so far from what she’d expected and so far from what she’d envisioned as “sacred,” this made her question her whole trip, wondering if it would all be this disastrous.  After much deliberation, she decided that, even if this became the typical encounter, she would see the good in every encounter, get around the limitations and continue the trip for its limitless contributions.

Another experience Tamara shared was from her work producing the show Tainted Love for Halogen TV.  The show focuses on sex trafficking worldwide and the fight to set free those enslaved.  Tamara says in talking with the survivors of sex trafficking, you are talking with people – often very young girls and boys – that have known the ultimate limits.  When they begin to see they have worth and dignity, it’s an inspiring picture of unlimits, the way they take great value in freedom and redemption.

Tamara’s ultimate statement on “unlimit” is possibly her most inspiring.  She says: “We all have the opportunity to unlimit ourselves.  We can cheer each other on.  It’s great that we can identify others’ talents and capacities to help them reach unlimts themselves.  When the ultimate goal is too enticing, it’s too good NOT to invite someone in to the experience of getting past limits.”

This post was written by feature author Stephanie Nelson.