Unlimit: Tamela Rich

 Tamela Rich on Living a Life of UnlimitIn South Carolina’s Brookgreen Gardens stands a sculpture called Time in the Fates of Man.  The sculpture, done by Paul Manship in 1939, depicts the Fates weaving man’s life – one weaves the threads of life, one measures the length of life, and one has scissors to depict death, the end of life.

For Tamela Rich, this sculpture is a reminder to live a life of unlimit.  You only have a certain measure of time to live – what are you going to do with it?

Tamela’s story of how she came to this realization is full of twists and turns.  She had long loved to travel, but thought money and a career were needed to support this love, so she worked away.  When a failed business venture had her at a point of considering suicide to get life insurance money to pay back friends and family that had invested in her, fate stepped in.

Tamela got an idea that she’d like to ride a motorcycle cross-country…though she didn’t know how to ride a motorcycle, had no bike and had no money.  But Fate put people in Tamela’s path to make it happen.  She was sponsored to get her bike and take a riding class.  Then sponsors stepped up to help her make the trip.  People Tamela only knew through social media – that she’d never met in person – sent her money to get her from point to point and then to make it home.

As the trip progressed and things unfolded, Tamela realized that she’d been limiting herself by putting expectations on life.  When the fates are at your back, though, they clear the expectations and the obstacles.  They help you find your bliss, which is like finding a path that’s been waiting for you all along.

Tamela’s path has since included writing a book about her experiences on the road,  writing a memoir/daily meditations book,  a book/speaking tour, a leading a workshop about writing your own book.

What’s Tamela’s advice for leading a life of unlimit?  Know that you can’t change the past.  Just focus on what you can do today.


This post was written by feature author Stephanie Nelson.