Speaker Sneak Peek: Chad Henderson

Chad Henderson

As the head brewer at NoDa Brewing Company in Charlotte, Chad Henderson has a passion for local beer. He’s hoping to inspire other people to follow their own dreams when he speaks at TEDxCharlotte on February 15. Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect from his discussion.

TEDxCharlotte: What will you be talking about at TEDxCharlotte?

Chad Henderson: I will be discussing how I have developed a career out of a passion in craft beer and how much of my personal success and the company’s success has been due to us not limiting ourselves and our product to expectations from the general industry. 

By expressing ourselves through our product and using it as an artistic vehicle, we have created a name and product line that obeys our own expectations/limits.  Craft beer in my mind is beer that you can truly taste the brewer’s inspiration, story, and dedication in.  Craft beer is another way for people to actually experience you, just as an artist can express themselves in painting or sculpting and a musician can through song.  This personal input into your craft is what develops a dedicated following and we have experienced a major support group for our brand since opening.  This passion and method of expression can be applied to any job, any hobby and anything that someone is passionate for.

TEDxCharlotte: Why are people drawn to local brewing?

CH: Local beer is usually freshest since it comes from right down the street as opposed to being shipped across the country.  It also is made by someone who could be your neighbor or local friend and that puts a personal touch to the product.  Local beer is often times tied into some local history or lore as well and this causes a deeper connection to those in that same local area.

TEDxCharlotte: What projects do you have planned for 2013 and beyond?

CH: We are currently adding additional fermentation thanks to increasing our production capacity. We are also looking at a packaging line so we may be able to send our beer out in bottle or can form on a regular basis which would also help increase our sales footprint.  We will continue to take care of our backyard first and foremost and will be rolling out some unique beers every week as we normally do and also release some in house specialty brews on the production system.

We will also be defining our year round and seasonal release brews and will hopefully continue our special bottle releases.  As time goes on we hope to continue to maximize our brewing capacity.  We have a large amount space to expand into and a back building that can be utilized in the future to house more equipment and tanks.  Our barrel aging program will continue to grow into the years as well and this will give us even more opportunities for special release brews.

by Joanne Spataro