12 Days of TEDx: 4 Colly Birds

A Colly Bird is a black bird, and, for the purpose of this post, a crow.  Crows are smart birds, very very smart birds.

In his fascinating 2008 TED Talk, Joshua Klein explores the reason why we should not get rid of the crows but embrace the smart creatures.  He makes a great point, we focus so much researching animals that go instinct and not on those that are thriving, especially species that have adapted to human ecologies.  No matter how many times we try to get rid of roaches, mice, and crows they keep surviving.  But crows are not just surviving with human beings, they’re actually thriving.

So how do we build new relationships with these species?  Watch the video to see what Klein believes is possible.

Watch: Joshua Klein – The intelligence of crows

This post was written by feature writer, Kseniya Martin.