12 Days of TEDx: A Partridge in a Pear Tree

Watch: Jennifer 8. Lee hunts for General Tso

December is a chock full of holidays: Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa plus New Years Eve, Boxing Day, Winter Solstice… The whole month is a celebration!

So what does Lee’s TED Talk have to do with the holidays in December? And more specifically, a Pear Tree.

Our thought process went a little bit like this: Pear Tree lead to gardening, gardening lead to food, food lead to food we eat during the holidays, which then lead to eating Chinese food on Christmas.  With Christianity being the most widely practiced religion stateside, the US all but shuts down on Christmas Day, leaving very few dining options for those not celebrating the holiday.  Googling “What do non-Christians do on Christmas Day” puts eating Chinese food at the top of the list.

So grab your chop sticks and your duck sauce and enjoy this popular TED talk where Lee explores the origin of Chinese food and General Tso.

Merry Chrismakwanzika, everyone!

This post was written by feature writer, Kseniya Martin.