JD Lewis, Jackson Lewis and Buck Lewis – Founders,Twelve in

JD, Jackson and Buck are the first speakers up on the TEDxCharlotte stage today, using a bit of technological magic to present at TEDx from halfway across the world in India.

They’re currently traveling the world at the pace of one country per month for an entire year, and we’re happy that thy could take the time out of their busy schedule to share their story with us today.

Twelve in started with Jackson Lewis, who wanted to share their ‘luck of a good life’ with others throughout the world. They’ve so far been to Russia where they worked with runaway teens in St. Petersburg, then took the Trans-Siberian railway to Beijing. They again chose to work at an orphanage in China where they worked with children that have overcome challenges early in their life – some were born with serious birth defects, some were abandoned on the sides of the road, and others suffered the loss of their parents before reaching adulthood.

Their next country, Thailand, included a change of pace for the boys. They stopped over at a camp for abused elephants and learned about the causes of abuse, as well as formed pretty clear opinions that elephants truly do belong in the wild. They spent their time in Thailand building fences for the elephants, feeding them and taking care of general tasks necessary for running the center.

The boys are now located in India, where they just saw the Dalai Lama speak. They’re currently working with refugees from Tibet, teaching them conversational English as part of their outreach.

Egypt, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, Australia, Antatctica, Argentina, Brazil, Peru and Haiti are next up on the travel list, with projects ranging from working with young musicians to doctors who help out in under-served areas.

Thank you to the Lewis family for sharing your story all the way from India today at TEDxCharlotte!