Dr. Mark Moore, NASA Scientist

Mark just guaranteed the audience that they’d have said “what?” at least once during his talk. His talk is about the frontier of personal flight… yes, personal flight.

Dr. Moore opened his talk by comparing personal flight to automobiles – suggesting that the next generation will be just as accepting of personal flight as we are of automobiles. As another comparison point, who would have dreamed that 20-30 years ago we’d have on-demand access to a world full of information at our fingertips?

This is literally a presentation of planes, trains and automobiles – only it’s horses, trains, then automobiles. Side note! Did you know that the US is home to 250 million cars?

“The aircraft has united the world in a way that never existed before.”

People don’t start flying until the trip becomes 500 miles or more in length, yet there is a lack of mobility options for the middle ground – the distance between driving around town and 500 miles. As a proof point, it’s been shown that cross decades, distances, societies and income levels, people are willing to travel about an hour and 15 minutes per day. Dr. Moore then pulls up a slide showing what the mobility reach of driving in a car equals for people living in Charlotte who are willing to travel up to 75 minutes per day.

Enter, the question. What happens if you now have a new transportation device with 4x the speed of an average car? That opens up the opportunity for rural areas that have been left behind to join the growing excitement of our cities.

Now enter, personal flight.  We stil don’t know if personal flight is a dream worth fulfilling (though Dr. Moore thinks it is), and we don’t yet know what technology frontier will solve this challenge and bring the dream of personal flight to life.

Electric propulsion, autonomous vehicles (coming soon to NV – they just passed legislation to allow autonomous vehicles), unmanned aerial vehicles and personal air vehicles are all examples of the next frontier – they all represent choices for the next generation of individual transportation.

“If you like dreams, embrace new frontiers because that’s where dreams can come true.”

This editor would love to escape the NYC subway in the summer and fly to work in her personal aircraft. Bring. It. On.