Charla Muller, Author of 365 Nights

Charla opened by saying that her memoior launched her into the two worst experiences of her life, including Barbara Walters and Oprah Winfrey.

“I’m the gal that had the wacky idea of giving her husband intimacy every day for a year in honor of his 40th birthday.”

Charla never intended to write a book about it – not even in her dreams… BUT, as she describes to the crowd, “the gift” (ahem…), turned out to be the most transforming year in her marriage to date.

“It had nothing to do with S-E-X, it had nothing to do with what happened in the bedroom and it had everything to do with what happened outside of the bedroom.”

Charla told the crowd that while she’d love to get to the book, she wanted to skip through and get to Barbara and Oprah (spoken like they’re old friends).

Charla’s first ‘big interview’ was with The View – the interview is wrapping up (and Charla think it’s going pretty well), when Barbara closes out the interview with the following zinger – “So Charla, you had sex with your husband every day for a year. Did you have a … every time?” Charla answered “no”, and Barbara turned to her husband Brad and asked “Brad, did you care?”. Equally stunned, Brad answered “of course not”.

Charla interjects with a bit of her background, being raised in a small southern town with a conservative upbringing, which is the tone that comes across in the book. Charla let the crowd know that her grandmother was watching, as were her parents.

“I became a media ninja. There’s no question that I don’t know how to answer…. and then she called. You know who, the big O.”

Here’s Charla’s experience with being Skyped in to the Oprah show…

Charla described the situation as one that any author would dream of. She told the crowd three main points about her experience – it was real-time, high-def, and very portly…. kind of like the objects you see in your rearview mirror (that may be bigger than they appear), according to Charla.

“The living out of a dream vs. the dreaming of the dream is messy, and stressful, and it very rarely is what you expect.”

As a sidebar, Charla shared with the crowd that she was so upset by her ‘chubbiness’ that she lost 55 pounds (and the crowd cheered!).

“Pursuing dreams is not for wimps.”