Rich Deming on Slow Food

Some assumptions:

  • Our global food system is broken.
  • Food deserts, where people don’t have access to fresh foods, are a problem.

Rich is working to slow Charlotte’s food, establish creative gardens around the Queen City and offer more fresh foods to area seniors, through Friendship Trays (a meal delivery program for low-income or shut-in elderly citizens).

He says he’s focused on coordinating with area municipalities, organizations and children. Prisoners can provide labor. Cities can provide land. Organizations can provide collaboration. And children should know carrots come from the ground, not plastic bags.

He ended with a quote from Winston Churchill that points out that humanity’s natural state is either to be at war or in the garden. Deming cited dozens of wars going on in our world today and suggested we get outside, and get to gardening, instead.

Presenter: Rich Deming, Co-Leader, Charlotte Slow Food