Extraordinarily Irregular

Doc Hendley admits he often feels inadequate, but then, he says, “I remember I am part of something great right now.”

It’s true. The world does a good job of making us feel like we can’t be something, or do something. But that doesn’t mean it’s right.

A bartender, student, band member (think Johnny Cash) and self-described “normal guy,” Hendley started to look into the world’s water problems and quickly realized 1.1 billion people don’t have access to clean water and that it’s children who suffer most.

It’s difficult to imagine, but in our modern world — where all we have to do is turn a handle for access to clean water — a lack of access to clean water kills more children than HIV, tuberculosis and other diseases.

Hendley decided to take his new-found knowledge and make a difference. He held his first Wine to Water event in 2004 and raised tens of thousands of dollars for the people of the world who need clean water. He took the money he raised to an organization that swore the funds wouldn’t get snagged by administrative fees, or anything else; he wanted to make sure all of the money made it to the people who need clean water.

He now travels the world, helping people gain access to clean water. The first place he went on his clean water mission was Darfur, to a United Nation’s “no-go zone” … an area of the African map with big, red circles and thick, red lines through them. There, he visited a refugee camp with 8,000 residents, where children must walk hours for water. Before he left, he helped install a tap in the middle of the camp, so the children wouldn’t have to walk for water any more.

A well costs less than $5,000 to install.

Presenter: Doc Hendley, Founder of Wine to Water